19 June 2009

Cleaning Freak…Emphasis on the Freak.

So, I guess you all should learn this about me right away. I am super into cleaning. Not that I do much cleaning, but I like the idea of cleaning. I love the gadgets and cleaning solutions. If QVC is hawking a vacuum cleaner, or some kind of magical floor cleaning solution, I am in heaven. A quick glance at my house will tell you that for all the items designed for cleaning I own, not much of it gets used. I am full of excuses: toddler, pregnancy, etc., but the truth is, actually cleaning is rarely as fun as you think it is going to be.

None the less I want this thing with all my heart and soul:

Shark Ultra Steam Blaster

I imagine myself with glittering floors, shiny sinks and clean baseboards. Though I am not a major proponent of “green” cleaners (unless undiluted bleach is “green” and I bet its not), but the idea of getting my whole house clean and sanitized with just water seem like a miracle. The sanitizing aspect is a huge seller too. I do have a thing about things being sterile, hence the love affair with bleach.

So there you have it, my “dirty” little secret is out. I am Alexis and I am addicted to the idea of clean.

Does anyone else suffer from this problem: the desire to have a Better Homes & Gardens home, and the belief that just one more gadget will make it happen? Better yet, anyone own this bad boy? I would love to wax nostalgic with you about cleaning grout. Truly, I would.


Anonymous said...

I had one of these while I was in vegas... OMG! This thing is cool as hell! I'm about the laziest cleaner you'll find and this thing just made it easier. My kitchen counter was made of bathroom sized tiles and this thing cleaned the "white" grout so well it actually WAS white. Pretty good if you ask me. You gotta get one even if you only use it once.