12 June 2009


Welcome to The Well-Read Mom!

I have kept a few blogs over the past couple of years. I started with one about our little family. It is fun, but lets face it, only myself and a handful of friends and family really read it. Plus, they go there to get updates on us and the kid (soon to be kids), not to hear me discuss anything in depth. I also keep a blog about my crafting, more a craft journal than anything. Again cool,but not a real chance for witty rhetoric. So here is my new blog. This is my “talk about whatever peaks my interest blog.” Often it may be parenting related stuff because as a Stay-at-Home-Mom, that is a major focus for me, but also about anything and everything that seems worth discussing (to me anyway).

I am unsure just how this blog will grow, or if it will at all, but if anyone is interested, please read away and enjoy!

I have some posts in the works, so check back if you want to see a little bit of the world through my eyes.