24 July 2009

Blog Fart Friday

1. I read somewhere that the average toddler needs something from a parent every 1.5 minutes. Based on the past few days, I would say that is a pretty generous estimate.

2. I may be headed straight to hell for many reasons, but these two stand out:
- I often comment on how unattractive other people's children are
- It made me really happy to see that Porsche that had been tailgating me for half a mile rear-end a cop at a stop light.

3. People, red lights mean stop. I know right on red is an option, but that is all. Just an option, not a requirement or an unalienable right. When you are driving in downtown Norfolk, where 90% of the traffic is foot traffic, at least pause to see what is in the crosswalk before you sliding stop through a red light. I like my limbs intact.

4. Clearly I have not mastered the use of the shift key since I always have to go back and fix all my capitalization, maybe I should have learned how to type properly.

5. File Under: Shameless Consumerism. Our TV died so the new on we got is a huge flat screen. I know it makes me petty, but man I love it! Off to watch The Martha Stewart Show in gigantic technicolor wonderment.

Thanks to Jaci at Ravings of a Mad Housewife for inspiring Blog Fart Fridays.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to live in Norfolk! That would be awesome. Maybe I would work at Williamsburg as an crazy, kooky tour guide IN COSTUME. Wouldn't that be the best job ever?!? :)

I always have to go back and fix my capitals, too. Maybe we have weak pinkies and should form a support group...