27 July 2009

Reclaiming the House

In essence, my house is routinely getting away from me. Since I have, possibly, as little as three months before I have two kids around here, and a seemingly short 18 months before I am single-parenting again, I need to get on top of keeping this place running. The goal here is to devise a housekeeping plan that creates maximum cleanliness and organization, with the bare minimum of work. Lets see how that will go.

I should mention here that I have been inspired to undertake this task by The Totally Together Journal, so you all should check that out too. The Daily 7 is pretty much the frame work upon which this cunning plan is built.

So here are the things I need to do everyday, or as needed on a daily basis, whichever makes the most sense for said activity.

1. Do a load of laundry.
2. Load/run/unload the dishwasher.
3. Hit the bathrooms/kitchens with disinfecting wipes.
4. Sweep floors/ run the mini-vacuum.
5. De-Clutter, neaten up the detritus of life.
6. Spray the shower walls with bleach and water.

Here is what needs to be done weekly so as to keep the house in a nice rotation of relatively cleanliness.

1. Vacuum whole house with big vacuum.
2. Mop/steam the floors.
3. Dust the house, blinds, windowsills and baseboards.
4. Scrub the kitchen table (deep clean) and clean the big toys
5. All the garbage out to the dumpster.
6. Scrub the tub and steam the bathroom.

These are activities that need to occur somewhere on the order of monthly to yearly so I should keep an eye on them. The goal here is to do them when they need to be done as opposed to all at once when some major impetus, like company arriving, rears its ugly head. This list will be ever-growing and evolving, but hopefully this will be a good start.

1. Clean all windows.
2. Wash all the bathmats.
3. Clean out the fridge and bleach the shelves.
4. Organize the closets and cupboards.
5. Clean curtains, bedspreads, and sofas.
6. Sort seasonal items in and out of storage
7. Drop off running collection of items for donation

So the overall plan is to do the daily things daily in addition to one “big” weekly chore. As for the more infrequent stuff, I think I may keep a running list on the fridge so as to track what needs doing, and try to keep on top of it.

Stay tuned for updates on how the new plan goes. While I keep a pretty clean house, it has mostly been through sheer gritted effort and the sacrifice of nap-times to cleaning tasks. In my dream world I will have time with my kids, nap-times to relax myself and a nice clean home too. Let’s see if I can do it.


Ms. Weires said...

I dig it! In an overly neurotic house, like say, my father's, the fridge is at very least checked the night before garbage day, sometimes launching into a 3 hour chuck and clean of all things refrigerated, but most weeks just gets rid of anything sticky or has the potential of growing a mold culture sometime in the next 7 days.

Ms. Weires said...

Did you sat steam your floors? Like for the linoleum? If so, I need the details (cost, efficacy, user-friendly, ease of injury, ect...)