14 August 2009

Blog Fart Friday

Some of my random thoughts for your reading pleasure:

1. Still pretty worked up about the health care thing. I may even do my Monday List about it. Yes, I am that obsessed. This may not be healthy.

2. Got adorable shoes for my daughters today, so that is very uplifting. I love how even though she is not even born yet, our new baby has more shoes than I do. Good stuff. My two-year-old is wearing size 8s right now. Another trait she inherited from me, serious feet. If the ultrasound shots are to believed, the new one has this trait too!

3. At the mall- Times I raced my pregnant butt to the closest bathroom in a complete panic because my toddler announced she had to go potty: 7,362. The number of times she actually went potty: 1. I had puddle pits down to my waist line for this? At least my workout for the day is done.

4. Red Powerade is much better than red Gatorade. When you are on a liquid diet, this stuff matters.

5. I love school supplies. I bought us new packs of pens, mechanical pencils and a pack of notebooks for no reason other than the idea that fall is a time to replenish such items. It made me very happy.

6. The wheels on my Graco Stroller may be about to blow right off at any minute. While I will be sad to see the Purple Plaid HumVee go, not bad for two years of non-stop use and, I will still get a second round out of the car seat even if the stroller dies. Seriously, the best $150 bucks we ever spent on baby gear. (In the event of its death, a memorial service will be held. Invites to follow, punch and pie will be served.)

And finally:

7. The key to true happiness: new undies. After an incident where all the elastic pulled out of an existing pair, in front of the DH hence guaranteeing that we never have any more kids (cuz that is SO hot right?) I threw all the old ones out and started again. It is great! Maybe TMI, but hey, it made my week.


Alicen said...

I can feel your pain on #3. At the baseball game last night I think Nathan went 7 or 8 times in an hour and a half!! Granted he actually went ALL 8 TIMES but seriously. Why can he hold it for over 2 hours at home but feel the need to go every 10 mins at a baseball game with gross disgusting bathrooms are beyond me!!

Alexis said...

Ah public bathrooms, the grosser, the better when you are two I guess.....