20 August 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I made these today. I am very excited about them. Don't they look so impressive?

As it turns out they are super easy to make. I know many people probably are not surprised by this, but I confess, I had never really thought about it. Um...yeah....strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. I bet I can manage that.

Here is the recipe I made up and even test-cooked for you all:

Some* Strawberries
Some* Chocolate Chips
Some* Water

Small pan to boil water
Bowl to put in top of pan
Cookie Sheet
Wax paper

1. Wash and dry strawberries.
2. Line cookie sheet with waxed paper.
3. Get water boiling in pan and place chocolate chips in bowl on top. (Basically, make a double boiler.) **
4. Put chocolate chips in bowl and stir with spatula until melted.
5. Dip strawberries in chocolate and place on wax paper.
6. Throw away the bowl and spatula because, as it turns out, melted chocolate is a huge pain in the ass to clean off of anything.
7. Do the same with all other kitchen gadgets that were casualties of this process, such as, inexplicably, the toaster.
8. Allow strawberries to cool until chocolate sets.
9. Enjoy them.

* "Some" is a highly technical term that my family often uses in cooking recipes. My mother's recipe cards are usually just ingredient lists with directions like "mix wet, add dry, cook until done." Yeah, we are pretty scientific around here.

**Many people claim you can do melted chocolate in the microwave. I have only ever managed to make a nice burnt lump of grainy mess this way, but if you are blessed with this gift, go right ahead.


Alicen said...

These are a TASTY, easy and fancy looking treat. I made them for Brian for Valentines this year and yeah, delicious! I have only ever melted chocolate & candy melts in the microwave and it works fine but you have to do it pretty slowly. Funny enough a double boiler kinda scares me, pretty sure I'd burn myself somehow.