03 August 2009

Lists I Never Got Around To Writing

1. Evolutionary mechanisms of baby behavior: there are reasons your child needs you the second you fall asleep, bring a fork to your mouth etc.

2. My Body, My Hot Wreck: from the bursitis in my toe all the way up to the acne on my face, this pregnancy has been bliss.

3. Customer service nightmares: lately, the world has been out to get me, really, it is too much to just be coincidence.

4. Must-reads from my 52 Books in 52 Weeks list: I figured I should avoid getting into how much I LOVE Charlaine Harris, I am not sure such a feeling will endear me to the literati.

5. Commercials that should have been rejected: "Five Dollar Footlongs" a la American Idol- I am talking to you.

6. Household appliances that are dead or dying: we have had a bit of a rush on these. The car is in the shop, the mini-vacuum died, the TV has been replaced, our washer eats buttons...on and on it goes. Maybe the four year point is just the magic "die by date" for such things.

There are several more floating about, but since I wont get any of those done for today's Listless Monday courtesy of Anna at abdpbt.com, that will do. I can promise upcoming posts wrapping up the Diapering Debacle, updating everyone on the quest for a clean-ish house and a sweet little diatribe as to just where attachment parenting changes from common sense to cult-like crazy.


Tim G said...

Item number three has been our whole last week. Ignored at the bar while we waited for our table on the patio, only to be told 20 minutes later that the pation wouldn't be open. Then Air Conditioner people missed an appointment, one I took off work for and had a confirmed email and phone call from in the previous 4 days. When I called they told me it was for the next day. I forwarded the email, and got an "I'm sorry, when can we re-schedule".
There were more, but I blocked them out.
And item #6 was our experience two years ago.
But you got me on #1 and #2. Especially #2.

Alexis said...

I am glad to know it is not just me! Not to sound all old and crochety ("get off my lawn you darn kids!") but customer service is dead in this country.