31 August 2009

Places You Will NOT Reach If You Dial My Phone Number

You know how you can kind of tell when a phone number is residential or business? Well, ours seems to follow the more business style formula, a fact I kind of noticed when the delightful cable company assigned it to us. No worries I said, at least it will be easy to remember.

Well, since our arrival here I receive on the order of 4-10 phone calls a day that are not for anyone, or business entity, that lives here. Here is a run-down of phone numbers that are eerily close to ours.

1. Local AAA- Our numbers differ by one digit. Did you know AAA is available 24 hours? We are not.

2. Sentara Health Care

3. The Yoga Studio That Often Prints Our Number as The POC For Yoga Seminars

4. Dominion Virginia Billing Dept. - Man, this one gets so many friendly people calling. I mean who isn’t in a good mood when they have to call and argue about their power bill?

5. The Carter Family- Yup, not a single one of them lives here.

6. Mrs. Kona- She lives in NY. I am married to man named Kona, but that is not my name, and odds are, if you don’t know that, you don’t need to be calling me.

7. Maintenance/IT Dept- Some guy called like 12 times in a week because “This is the number he always dials and he needs to get a work order done right now.” Sorry buddy.

The best part about this situation is just how polite everyone is. Has the convention of identifying oneself gone completely out of style. Most of these calls open with “I need a tow,” “I am not paying this bill” or “My oxygen delivery is late.” Never mind that the phone has not been answered in a manner that indicates a place of business. I am tempted to just play along. “No problem sir, consider that bill paid/ your oxygen will be there in 45 minutes/ just wait by the car.” That is just the kind of behavior that will tip my Karmic scales one notch too many. Suddenly my hand-basket is jet propelled…


See many more great lists at abdpbt.com where one strives to fight Listless Mondays.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! This is great! Our number is one digit off from:

1. The Methodist Church, which is nice - usually nice people call them.

2. The pizza place - hungry people at 2am.

3. A Latino family whose friends don't speak English - I feel really bad when I can't explain to them that they have the wrong number!

abdpbt said...

Wait, you answer your home phone? I just turn off the ringer.

Tim G said...

We are considering shutting down the landline because we get more unwanted than expected calls. We are making a list of people who only use that number (Dentist, Family members, misc contact people) and will probably pull the plug sometime this year.
If you did that, think of the time you would save!

Alexis said...

I am beggining to come around to the idea of no land line as mentioned by abdpbt and Tim G. The main reason we are keeping it for now is that the cost of bundling it with our cable is far, far less than getting a cell-phone plan that would accomodate all our calls. Oh well, if all else fails, we move in ten months then no one will ever find me ever again, or so I hope.

DJ Friedman said...

Hey, getting all those phone calls isn't nearly as bad as what my family used to get. This old lady used to call every year around the major holidays. For a long time we kept telling her that she had the wrong number but one year we realized that her family almost never talked to her. as a nice thing be became her family, making up good stories about the things "Jimmie" and "Michael" did that year. It was great and we could tell she really appreciated finally getting ahold of her family. Unfortunately, the calls stopped coming one year and we never heard anything since. She'd become a part of our holidays and i think it was worse not having those calls than having pretend or just tell her she had the wrong number.