09 August 2009

Sourdough Experiment

Last night I was watching Baking With Julia on the Create channel. (Yes, I am aware of how dorky this is. Not as dorky as how the DH and I spent a "romantic" night in watching Blue Planet in HD on our new TV...but I do digress.)


Julia was making bread. Hey I love bread! She had a guy named Joe Ortiz making sourdough bread. Did you know you can just make your own sourdough starters? Literally from thin air? Neither did I.

Let's see...makes a huge mess, depends on basic biological principles and you get pure, unadulterated, carbohydrate-riddled deliciousness at the end? Yup, we have a new obsession.

I currently have two batches of starter going. One with just flour and water as directed by S. John Ross and one using some milk a la the Baking with Julia episode. Pictures to follow as my little yeasty babies grow, hopefully by next weekend we will be enjoying some tasty homemade bread.

In completely unrelated news, the NY Times may be back in my favor thanks to this relatively honest article on the new health care proposals.

Health Care Reform and You

No one is saying it will be perfect, but hey, when it comes to health care in this country, there is really only one way left to go. Hopefully that is up. Since we belong to a government subsidized health-care plan, I do plan to write about this soon, I can tell you first hand: this is not a bad idea. It is not a flawless idea, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.