07 September 2009

6 New Realizations About Disney's "Fantasia"

We watched this with the toddler for the first time this weekend, an exciting event because it is my favorite Disney movie of all time.

However, seeing it through adult eyes, some pretty disturbing stuff came to light:

1. Lots of nudity. The fairies, the cherubs, the centaurs in the pool, it goes on and on. While I couldn’t care less about naked cartoons, I feel like if you released that material now, parents would be outraged at the scarring of their “precious miracles.”

2. The whole “Pastoral” scene with the centaurs. If anyone has ever seen the HBO special on the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, you know just what I am talking about. Nude ladies primping so as to parade around and be chosen by a group of men…apparently with nude cherubs serving as the “handlers.” As an adult this has a whole new meaning.

3. Good old family racism, though this may be counterbalanced by the artistic presentation of evolution. I wonder how that would go over if released now…perhaps it is balanced out by the “Noah’s Ark” sequence in Fantasia 2000? After all one does need to protect the Christian right from such offenses seeing how they are such an oppressed group and all.

4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice scarred me for life. Being a bit neurotic even as a child, this segment gave me the same unsettled feelings as The Cat In The Hat. Ummm…pretty sure Mom said to keep it cool…we are so screwed if she catches us.

5. "Night on Bald Mountain", on the other hand, fascinated me. DH has suggested that my being more disturbed by rule breaking than haunted skeletons speaks volumes about my character.

6. The dancing mushrooms in "The Nutcracker Suite" are still the best part of the whole movie. Hands down.


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abdpbt said...

Do you know I've never watched Fantasia? Somehow it slipped through my viewing history . . . but maybe now I'll have to check it out, just for the pastoral schene.

Tim Gardner said...

This was probably the one VHS that lured my son into music as a hobby. A college student now, he has his two Fantasia tapes as the most protected in his collection. We saw Fantasia 2000 in IMAX, which was very cool.
I expect to be a grandparent one day, and I would be shocked if 2 of my 3 kids had any concern about showing this movie to their kids. And the other one would probably be OK with it.

About Ms. Weires said...

The other day I was once again pondering what I should tattoo myself with, and I actually thought, "Well, I know Alexis should get a Fantasia mushroom, but what should I get?"