12 October 2009

Things I Am Loving Right Now

1. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize- This makes my little bleeding heart sing, but also provides a wonderful social commentary seeing how the blind patriotism (America...F*** Yeah!) that our nation embraced during the Bush Administration can’t seem to be applied to this wonderful opportunity for international amnesty. Let’s face it, in short the award was won because Obama’s actions make the rest of the world think that the US may have pulled its head out of its ass. Might we all agree this is a good thing?

2. Parents Bitching About a $3 Ticket Price for Our Local Children’s Festival- It was three bucks for anyone over two, so really under three were free in application, so the average family of four with appropriately aged kids paid $9 to play all day, do all the free activities and give-aways, get educated and enjoy the beautiful day in a newly renovated public park. Even DH had to mention that for people pushing BOB Dualie Strollers, drinking Starbucks and carrying Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags, it seemed a bit dramatic. Let us remember that money spent on great experiences for children is often better than money spent on things.

3. Possible Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”- It is high time this happened. I would also like to add that so far the only argument against the idea presented by those in a position to influence the decision is that “the policy has high approval ratings among military personnel.” Well, child labor used to be totally cool too. Jim Crow laws existed since there was public support, that doesn’t make it right. Plus, if a vast majority of such a group felt this kind of bigotry is okay, I might keep that data to myself. Who the hell are you employing over there anyway?

4. The Fact That My Toddler Secretly Knows Colors, Shapes and Numbers- While she would never give me the satisfaction of naming these items when prompted, she is fully able to articulate “wear your yellow heart pants” or “five choccies (chocolate chips) please.” Somehow when pounding out pull-ups on the back of the couch she can count to ten like its nothing, yet will not count along at story-time for all the tea in China. Kids!

5. That I Only Have a Month of This Pregnancy Crap Left To Go- Well, roughly anyway. Soon there will be no more puking, no more gall bladder pain, back pain, and exhaustion that no amount of sleep can fix. Sure, I’ll be exhausted with a newborn and toddler, but then a nap will at least make me feel better as opposed to now, where all the sleep in the world pretty much leaves me feeling the same.

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abdpbt said...

Congrats! That's such a great feeling when you get done with pregnancy. And I agree, why criticize Obama for getting an award, it's not like he nominated himself!

Tim G said...

I love your perspective on #2. People are so willing to spend $$$ on things for their kids, but seem to feel entitled to anything in a space that feels "public". Gotta have something to gripe about I suppose.

About Ms. Weires said...

#1 This may fall on blind eyes, but other than stopping my gag-and-sprint-to-the-channel-changer reflex (only previously used during the populizing of Macy Gray) when there's a presidential address, the guy hasn't DONE enough to warrant the biggest individual achievement award on the planet. Ahem-ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, it is not a yearbook "most likely to succeed award". It is a discredit to the award to hand it out willy-nilly. I'd like to know who was second in line for it. Maybe they didn't have anything impressive in the nomination pool this year, or maybe there were fewer fist-fights in the UN now that W is gone, either way, I think it lowers the bar.