26 October 2009

Things That I Am Pretty Sure Are Signs Of The Apocalypse

1. That we can sue Disney for not making our kids smart enough.

2. Twitter- sure it is a marvel of modern technology, but really, you rarely hear about nice stuff happening with it. Plus, the narcissism factor is pretty high...says I with my blog...but anyway.

3. Balloon Boy... enough said.

4. That Penelope Trunk has such a loyal (might even say rabid) following. Sure I read it because it is like a train wreck, and she does give some good information, but really?

5. Same for any blogger at all. It is the new social media and all, but bloggers are real people too and by that I mean, they are often wrong, and that is okay.

6. That my OB has no open appointments before my due date. If I want to see a provider before I deliver I have to call back every day and hope that a slot opens up. After all, that is a completely acceptable way to provide health care. I worry that fixing insurance won't fix providers...that could be a problem. (I have amazing insurance, but not always the best providers.)

7. That people are really stressed about the changes in Facebook format. Um....does it really matter?

8. The GOP: We Are Pro-Gang Rape (Assuming you have signed the contracts.)

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Tim G said...

As someone who works on change, #7 cracks me up. First, there was no internet. Then it starts to show up in different places, browsers grow and develop, and many years in, Facebook is born. And then they want to make changes? The nerve! That's part of what makes Google's simple looks so smart. Why change what works? If the insides are doing what they are supposed to do, the layout doesn't matter.

About Ms. Weires said...

#8 makes me want to shred my passport like an expired credit card.