07 October 2009

Who Knew?

I knew blogs were a big thing, if done "right," but I guess I naively never envisioned them being big enough to rank FTC regulation. This article proves me wrong. In a nutshell, now people who do "paid" or "compensated" reviews on their blogs need to disclose such details. This hearkens back to a lengthy discussion that DH and I had when we went out to dinner (sans the toddler, hence the ability to have a lengthy discussion) about how the subtle nuances of "blogging for profit" are redefining how blogs are used, and therefore, how/if they should be governed. Blogs are the "new social media," though that phrase is so old and overused, so do we treat them like traditional media? Or do new guidelines need to be established. While my blog clearly creates, on its own, no need to evaluate such ideas, blogging as a whole sure does.

I have so much more to say on all this, but since I literally can not focus my eyes on this screen anymore, consider this a "to be continued" discussion.


Chris said...

This is a long time coming, actually. Given that a car company was able to start a blog which extolled thier products without readers knowing that is wasn't just sponsored by the car company, but actually written by the marketing department of the car company, it might be time to have some disclosure if you're going to discuss a product.