30 December 2009

More Questions Than Answers Really...

Some updates on previous posts:

In regards to the flu vaccine, I decided to go for it, kind of. Dh got both via work, I got H1N1 in the post-partum ward, but not seasonal for whatever reason. Cha Cha got the seasonal, but not the H1N1. Mostly this was because we missed out on the chances to get it done at our clinics because of Little Cheese's arrival and subsequent chaos. We managed to be at the Naval Hospital almost weekly between newborn well-baby checks, the DH's Big V and my post partum checks, yet somehow never managed to be there when Cha Cha could have received the shot. Likewise for me catching up on a seasonal flu shot. This speaks volumes about the actual availability of health care, but that is a rant for another day.

The rant for today is that we all (less Little Cheese thankfully) have the flu. Like the real flu that our pediatrician diagnosed as such. Seems to me that this little experiment pretty much proves my theory that the flu is too varied and unpredictable to be effectively managed with such vaccines. At least I can honestly say, that for my family, getting the shots made no difference to how often we got sick or just how sick we got when we did contract the flu. This may not be true for everyone depending on personal factors, region, exposure etc. All I can say is that I will not be bothering to get us vaccinated in the future.

The second item is the whole TRICARE debacle. Thankfully, when DH called the Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators Office (BCAC), fully intending to speak with the enrollment supervisor and let them know that clearly the mistake had been on behalf of their staff and we wanted to know just what they planned to do to fix it, it had been remedied. The good news is that the kids are all set up at the clinic I like with the pediatrician I like, and just in time thanks to our flu issues mentioned above, but the bad news is that we don't know how it got fixed. Granted it doesn't matter now, but since no one ever confirmed where the mistake was made, or how it got fixed, this will probably happen to countless other people. The real issue is that TRICARE was not willing to just say "oh hey, we typed in the wrong thing since literacy is not a requirement for this job, let me fix that for you" and therefore I am sure this poor level of customer service will continue to be the norm.

Now, must take about 800mgs of Ibuprofen so as to try and survive this illness...effing flu shot, effity eff.


Kerry said...

That sucks. I'm sorry.

This is a crappy time of year to be sick in bed too...there's nothing good on TV.

Alexis said...

Kerry, Thankfully we just got a Blue Ray player that streams Netflix, otherwise this time in bed would be pretty much wasted! Plus, we are much better now, and we should be all better soon.