04 January 2010

Goals for 2010

I know it is a total cheat to do this for my list, but hey, at least I am back to blogging a bit.

Last year was long and tough in many ways ( being pregnant was sucky and took its toll on all of us, DH worked long hours and then busted his hump to work on his masters and the grand finale included a holiday filled with the flu and my sister’s barn burning down.) It was also awesome in a so many ways (new baby, new president, the wonderful-ness that is my toddler, making lots of new friends here in VA ).

With all that said, here are some goals for next year:

Personal Goals:

* Clean up my potty mouth around the kids. While I reserve the right to use my sailor words on this blog, and in my purely adult interactions in front of the impressionable babes, it is all “pickles” and “tartar sauce” from now on.

* Run a 5k. No diet plan, no fancy workout plan, no plans to do it in record time, just plain and simple: get myself to a level of fitness where jogging three miles is doable. I do plan to make more use of the great classes and trainers at the Y, but this is my big marker for success.

* Do another round of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge. I made it last year losing count around #75 in late summer, so I would like to do it again. Granted my “free time” has decreased so the 52 may be as far as I get, but I do love me some reading.

Crafting Goals:

* Dye all my yarn blanks. I have all the stuff, now just to do it.

* Make one adult sized garment that is not of the hat/scarf/mitten/socks variety. I feel like I should complete one “real” piece of clothing just to see if it is all its cracked up to be.

* Make at least 25 items for charity.

Cooking Goals:

*Make more food from scratch. Not “cook more at home,” but actually make food instead of buying pre-done. I want to explore making bread, making fresh pasta and doing more with my new meat grinder. While I am not prepared to fully get on the all-organic-free-range-natural-non-dairy-vegan bandwagon, getting my family back to eating things made fresh from real food product will probably make us all a bit healthier.

I am not sure if that seems like a lot of goals for one person, or if it is not much at all. I do know that this year will be very exciting with the continued transition to being a family of four, a military move in the summer and Cha Cha hitting pre-school in the fall.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2010.



abdpbt said...

These are all great goals. I need to work on the potty mouth one as well. At present, I use the FCC rules, but this is dumb because if Mini starts saying "MOTHER EFFER" at school I'm sure this is just as bad.

Tim G said...

Great goals, all. If you were to prioritize, I'd have to say that the 5k and watching your vocab are the best things you can do for your kids. Running can bring you great stress relief and clearer thinking, and if you keep at it, a pretty good chance at staying healthy longer.