21 January 2010

The New Look

In exploring XHTML and CSS several lessons were learned:

1. It is way harder than you would think.

2. It is way easier than you would think once you realize that all basic blogs can be built from the same "skeleton"code.

3. That for the meantime a pre-fab template that I can just adjust to my needs is a much better way to go.

Will I eventually built a whole new layout from the ground up? Sure, but not today.

For now enjoy the "fresh" new look and we can see how this so called skill of mine develops.

As for now, Lady Gaga is on LOGO and well, this I can not miss!


Ginger said...

Oooh, purty!
And yes, it's both easy and hard, and strangely addicting--I will notoriously say, " i just need to fix this one little thing" and 4 hours later look up bleary eyed and wondering what got me off track. Which is why my blog hasn't been updated in over a year.

Alexis said...

Ginger- that is pretty much how it has gone. One second you are all like "hey just let me move this a few pixels" and next thing you know you are elbow deep in a complete overhaul. Knowledge is a powerful drug!