25 January 2010

Some Stuff You Shold Know...Even If You Wish You Didn't Know

Many of these are topics that I am planning posts about, but for now, here is some information everyone should know. All of these were inspired by books I have read and hope to discuss, or just topics that struck my fancy. After all this is The Well-Read Mom.

1. Everything, including you, is made of chemicals. When you say you are on a “chemical free” diet, you will have to give up oxygen, so not sure how that will work.

2. Your kitchen is probably way grosser than your bathroom. Never mind that your washer doesn’t get your clothes that clean. I hate to even think about it…

3. Organic food technically requires the use of far more resources than non-organic. Might be healthier, and theoretically sustainable, but it may not be “greener.”

4. The food guide pyramid is a joke. The new Mayo Clinic Diet is based on the pyramid initially suggested to the FDA. It was rejected based on budgetary concerns for programs like WIC, food stamps etc.

5. Military Health Insurance is not actually “free.” Actually you, as taxpayers, fund it, so next time you think I shouldn’t complain because it free, remember that fact.

If you liked this snark, check back in for expanded ramblings soon!

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Ginger said...

Pretty much everything is actually dirtier than your bathroom--desk, car, & kitchen included. Which is why I find it hysterical that people at my office will practically contort themselves so they don't touch anything in the bathroom, but then have no issues with eating at their desks.

Alexis said...

Ginger- I know! The added kick in the butt there is that toilet seats are pretty clean, or they would be if people would quite peeing on them as they attempt to hover. Too funny!