24 February 2010

That's Right, This Is All Happening...

If you found this post horrifying interesting then you might want to read this article in Navy Times: End of Ban on Women on Subs.

Since I cannot imagine that Washington will hold this up (after all, our policy makers seem to prefer sneakier, more subversive sexism)so we should see this actually happen in some time frame close to the one proposed.

I know I am excited to see how it progresses, mostly because I can see it really changing the face of the submarine community, both in terms of the active duty participants and well, without being elitist, perhaps the class and professionalism of the families they bring along. While the Navy may see each change as a chance to lose enlistees as conservatives and traditionalists choose not to participate, I see it as a chance to elevate the general deportment of the service.  If America wants to rejoin the first world, then one of our largest federally funded operations (the DoD) needs to lead the way with progressive policies and set a proper example for the kind of professionalism, and humanism, this world needs.