16 March 2010

Because This IS a Mommy Blog...

I have to show how I made some baby food.  Little Cheese turned 4 months last Friday and at her well-baby appointment our pediatrician (Dr. Good and Sexy) said to go ahead and start her on solids since she is HUGE and meeting 6 month milestones.

Making your own baby food is super easy, quick and, as an added bonus, very cheap.  The basic method is outlined well on my friend Alicen's blog: My Culinary Adventures, with the specific post being right here.

My only stymieing point was a lack of ice cube trays, but I do have mini muffing tins, so all was not lost. I used frozen veggies (they are still just plain veggies after all, only all the work has been done for you), steamed them quickly then ran them through my blender.  People use food mills, food processors etc.  I like my blender because it has a bitchen puree setting, but to each their own. 

I made about a cup of veggies for each flavor and that made eight roughly 1 ounce servings of each type.  I figure this will get us through the introductory phase then we can see what she wants to eat.  Bear in mind my older daughter didn't eat that much baby food really preferring "real" food early on, so we shall see.  I made peas, carrots and green beans.  Tomorrow is apples, pears and mixed veggies once the muffin tray can be used again.  I am also going to try making my own rice cereal and oatmeal using these directions, but we shall see if that is really worth it given the cost and ease of Gerber baby cereal.

The best part, with the exception of maybe half an hour of my time, this was free.  These were items I already had in my freezer for us anyway and there is plenty left, after pulling out a cup, to use as planned for full meals for the rest of us.

Granted I will stock up on some jars for traveling and items that I wont usually buy, but for now, this was so easy we will do home-made.


Alicen said...

I like the muffin tin idea! I would have never thought of that, perhaps because I didn't own a mini muffin pan. Probably though the thought still wouldn't have crossed my mind. You have intrigued me with the homemade rice cereal so now I definitely have to check that out although the trouble/cost benefit debate will be had. I just love how we all gets ideas from each other and new ones are added in that you didn't think of and the circle goes on. I'm not sure Emma will be eating much baby food soon either but the beauty is you make what you need!

Ginger said...

I've been making Jackson's food too--not that he eats a lot of it, but frankly it's so easy that I was pretty excited to do it (I had a definite "I am mommy hear me roar" kind of moment the first time). His favorites have been sweet potatoes which were stupidly easy, and apples, which I keep eating myself because, mmmm applesauce. But the cereals? I think I'll just keep buying--they're just so easy out of the box.

Alexis said...

Alicen and Ginger- I did give the cereals a shot. Basically you just cook the rice or oatmeal, blend the crap out of it with as much added water as you need to make a nice paste, then freeze it as you would any other. In theory when you thaw it out you mix it up with the liquid of your choice and it is like cereal. I have my doubts about it, but figured it was worth a try. If it works it was easy, if not, boxed cereal is pretty darn easy too! There is some debate about homemade stuff not being iron fortified, but mixing it with formula fixes that and/or most BF babies get it in breast milk or via vitamin supplements so I am not too worried.