20 March 2010

Because, You Know, I Am SO Trendy

I have had, for almost 15 years now, this bag.  Just a little innocuous vinyl bag in a cheery spring floral. My Mum, or maybe me, not really sure, picked it up on a trip. 

 It is made by a little company called Liberty of London...maybe you have heard of them. 

Well, if you are a Target shopper, then you sure have.  My favorite store in the world now stocks Liberty of London gear since it is now considered oh so cool.  While I am super excited that these great prints are now available here, and at Target prices, I feel just a bit smug that I can say "been there, done that."   Case in point: went to Target yesterday with mine in tow (it was serving as my knitting bag/purse since I was actually out without the children) and someone wanted to know if I had found that print at a local store.  "Oh this one?  I have had this bag for years." Bitchy? Sure. Thrilling in a mean-girl kind of way that only a former dorky gal can enjoy...you betcha!

None the less, I have gotten swept up in  Liberty mania and bought this hat:

It is super cute and I don't look like an idiot in it, a rare feat since looking stupid in hats of any description is pretty much my thing.

Also falling into this British Invasion category is the arrival of Boots Cosmetics at my beloved Target. Again, loved thier products, like ten years ago. I have now upgraded to more readily available, industrial grade anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, anti-life facial products, but these still hold a place in my heart.

Every now and then I can claim I was just ahead of my time.