14 March 2010

Book Review Sunday

I have manged to wrap up a few more books of late:

  1. The Lace Readerby Brunonia Barry. This was a great read, I can't say too much about it without giving the good stuff away, but I highly recommend this one!
  2. The Sleep Easy Solution by Spivack and Waldburger In trying to decide what to do with Little Cheese I gave this one a read.  The method is basically a variation on "Ferberizing," but with a million more steps.  Kind of seemed like a good idea...at first...but yeah, way too much hoopla to get a nap.  I personally wont be using this method, but this is not a bad set of information to have in your parenting tool box.
  3. Infection by Gerald N. Callahan, Ph.D. Amazing book!  Now, we know I am a huge dork, but I think this one would be interesting to even those who do not share my interest in all things epidemiological.  Callahan chronicles diseases that help us, those that hurt us and those that will "change the world."   The book is written beautifully providing all the information in a way that will help any reader understand the sometimes complicated concepts, yet you never feel like the material has been "dumbed down." I also highly recommend this one.