01 March 2010

Even More Easy Green Things Even a Child Can Do

Before anyone thinks I am being sanctimonious with all this, next week will be a list of my “sins.” I reckon I am, maybe, putting at least a little dent in my environmental footprint.

None the less, here are some more quick and easy things that I figure anyone can manage.
  1. Use your slow cooker. This is not only a really easy way to make good, healthy and cheap meals, but it uses way less energy than firing up your oven or stove. I highly recommend Make It Fast, Cook It Slow by Stephanie O’Dea as a great reference.
  2. Buy local. Buying local produce not only saves fuel and shipping costs, but helps support your local farmers and economy. I am lucky since my supermarket stocks local produce when in season. As for organics: the verdict is out on whether they are healthier and they are not necessarily using ,fewer resources, just different, and possibly renewable ones. Arguably if everyone used organic practices, it would be better for the planet, but as it stands organic farms may require the use of more resources than traditional farming. Granted, I still buy organic when I can, or when it counts , but there you have it.
  3. Shower together.  Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter.* What I mean is that if you have little ones, it can be way faster to bring them on in with you. I confess, I do this often since it only adds about 5 minutes to my 5 minute shower and gets us all clean without having to fill the tummy tub or the big tub for the kids.
  4. Turn off the water. No need for it to run while you brush your teeth or shave. Even Cha Cha has been trained to do this one.
  5. Use hand sanitizer. I reckon that between how often I pee, how often the preschooler uses the potty, how many diaper changes I do and how often I do food/drink/bottle prep, we could blow through a lot of water in a day. I have stocked the house with pumps so we can not only clean on the go, but not use a full minute of running water each time. I have no actual data to back this up, but it seems logical…

The best thing we can do for the planet is just keep on trying!

*Anyway, everyone knows if you are doing that kind of thing…ahem…correctly, it makes for a long shower.



Tim G said...

All good ideas, Alexis. When my youngest was a toddler, I did the shower thing with him and it saved a lot of time as well. Then he was the one who got us to turn off water while brushing. Something he had seen on Sesame Street apparently.

ABDPBT said...

Nice tips. I actually love using the slow cooker, when I remember to do it. It's just so nice to not have to deal with making anything at the end of the day. I also prefer going to Farmer's Markets, but it's usually too much effort so I take the easy way out. I should work on that.