22 March 2010

Holy Healthcare Batman!

Since I am a dork attempting to be a politically aware mom, I was glued to CNN last night as American Politics played out in a series of events that gave the Final Four a run for its money. DH and I have discussed all this health care stuff to death, but still we maintained a decent running commentary. Here is a sampling of the witty repartee that went down around here:
  1. Stupak, you are an asshat.
  2. Yeah, actually you can mandate insurance, assuming that there is insurance available to all in an appropriately cost-scaled manner.
  3. Socialism…it is delicious.
  4. Socialism is not Communism.
  5. Did you go to public school? You did? Commie Bastard!
  6. It’s called the TRICARE Affirmation Act…you are an uneducated asshat. Probably due to those damn socialist schools we all “suffered“ through.
  7. Since when is Sanjay Gupta a brilliant political/economic analyst?
  8. Lady Gaga’s ex-BF is suing her? I should really Google that…guess what, the lady who taught my sisters recent jumping clinic makes masks for her. Odd right?
  9. Danger Zone!
  10. Try getting re-elected when the DNC retaliates for not supporting the team. You may think you are saving yourself by not rocking the boat when called upon to make history, but yeah…that might not work out so well.
  11. Do we care about a federal deficit? Its not like it is real money, loan sharks are not going to kick in our respective knee caps over this stuff.
  12. Of course protesters threw out racial/sexuality related slurs at Congress People. Let that be a lesson as to just what kind of people oppose this legislation.
  13. If you are a Republican who routinely votes to limit access to birth control and pregnancy termination services while supporting ineffective abstinence only education then you do not get to wank  about how government should not control health care.  What? It is OK when it it is just women who get screwed?
Ostara was this weekend, it would appear it has made me even bitchier than usual! Either way, this baby is "passed" and we shall see how the rest unfolds.

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