08 March 2010

Killing The Planet With A Few Simple Steps

Since I just know that you all are sitting around thinking “Oh that Alexis, so smart and funny, a perfect mother and she is saving the planet too? Wow,” I bring you this list.  To balance out my previous posts where I talked about the green things we do around my place, here is a list of all the ways I am totally negating all those efforts.
  1. Disposable diapers. While the general consensus seems to be that disposables are no more or less environmentally friendly than cloth (see The Diapering Debacle Part II: Environmental Impact for this information) it still makes me feel guilty whenever I toss that big bag o‘ diapers in the dumpster. Same goes for girly products. While I am considering the Diva Cup, I am not sure I can get into cloth for this particular purpose.
  2. Disinfecting wipes. I love these things and even though I don’t use paper towels and the like, I have cans of these stashed all over the house. They are not eco-friendly, but they keep my house from being condemned by the health department, so I will just deal. Also on this list: Swiffer Wet Jet. This thing generates dirty cleaning pads and tons of empty plastic bits, but man do I love it.
  3. Refusal to go paperless for bills. I know this will save trees, but given how often my bank, credit card company and various utilities prove they can‘t find their asses with two hands and a map, I like a paper trail.
  4. Two car family. Even though we live where one car would do, we keep, and run, two. Granted, we will be back to “needing“ both soon, but still, sometimes I feel like I take the car just because it is there and not because we really need to run that errand.
  5. AC addicts. Here in VA it is often 97F with 97% humidity…at 7am. I know that air conditioning kills the planet, but as a domestic goddess I do not do the heat. Sorry.
  6. Bleach, detergents etc. While I have made it a goal to switch in greener cleaning choices as we need to replace these items, I will never be able to give up bleach. I love bleach. Nothing says clean like the eye stinging fumes of undiluted bleach.
  7. Books. While I do use the library, I will always desire the endless killing of trees because I love this traditional format. I can’t really get into books on tape, Kindle and so on. I need to feel that tome in my hands.
Unlike last week, this week’s take home message is : every little bit kills.

Now share with us all here: what is your biggest Eco-Sin?

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Alicen said...

I'm right there with ya on the disinfecting wipes! With 2 kids (and a messy husband) they are AWESOME! I have tried the Clorox Green Works ones which I know are not great but "better" but they left lint everywhere. Yeah not quite the effect I was going for. I have been curious about the 7th Generation ones but I like buying the giant tub for a few bucks, not 20 wipes!

The DH has a complete and utter fit if there are no paper plates! Almost like his life depends on it. While I try to use them as little as possible we just can't get away because I hear about it until I buy more!

I think we're about the same, every little bit we do helps to balance out the bit we don't!

Ginger said...

I do every one of those, except the two car thing (which is more cheapness on our part than anything else. I'd love to have another one). Though we split disposable & cloth diapers depending on how lazy we are on a given day.
My husband is the real eco-killer around our house though. His reliance on paper towels is insane, thanks to his "process" when he's painting. I sometimes feel like we're killing forests entirely to further his art career.