20 April 2010

Calling For a Vote

On a less (globally) serious note, though this is of dire consequence to me, I am having a fashion dilemma. I am attending a wedding this Saturday and need to pick a dress for the ceremony. Since there is no better source for life changing advice than virtual strangers on the internet, I put it out to you guys for a vote.

Here are the important details:
  • Black tie optional (so annoying I know)
  • Afternoon church ceremony
  • A significant break between the ceremony and reception.
  • Evening reception at swanky hotel.
  • The bridal party is probably in black.
  • I have needed shoes, jewelry etc for all of them, just need a wrap to match the chosen dress, I can grab that on Thursday as needed thanks to the presence of a Charming Charlie at the mall two blocks away.
  • DH will be in choker whites (yeah baby, that really...um.."works" for me)
I have a proper dress for the evening bit and I am more than willing to change since, in my eyes anyway, an outfit for a black-tie evening affair is not the right outfit for an afternoon church ceremony.

So here are the choices:

A-Pretty basic dress, I have worn this to a few formal, military affairs. Technically a pattern, not as white as it looks here.

B-New "little black dress" very cute, easily dressed up with jewelry however, not sure about the whole "black in the afternoon"/matching the bridal party thing.

C-The current pick so far. Less than full cocktail dress, yet more than a sundress.

D-Yellow veteran of other military events, not sure about the color, but Allure says this yellow is being shown on all the runways if that makes a difference.

E- Dressiest option, love this dress, but is it too much for the afternoon and/or is a flaming crimson dress a bit slutty for a church affair?

Oy the dramas. I am grateful for all input!  Let me know your choice in the comments and/or in the poll on the right.

Thanks so much!


Alicen said...

Ok, so honestly not impressed by the first couple however the last bunch are SWEET!

I LOVE the red dress and it is very similar to what I will most likely wear. Mine is a teal/turquoise color, same shine and same shape. If you really like that I would go with that, we can be out of place together :)

Otherwise I would say your current contender, it's adorable.

Alicen said...

Oh, forgot to mention I am thinking of wearing a shrug over it for the ceremony, may take it down a notch for the afternoon (though haven't tried on both together so no idea how they actually look together).

We really have no where to change so it's gonna be one dress which will fit at one and not the other but frankly when am I ever gonna see these people again? Well besides Joe and his soon-to-be wife perhaps.

Heidi Maxwell said...

I like the yellow one.

Ginger said...

I didn't vote in the poll because I can't decide between B & C. I like them both--I don't think there's a problem with wearing black to a wedding, and option C is really cute, so it's a toss up for me.
I'm no help.

Anonymous said...

I like C, since it's afternoon at a church. I like the halter dresses, but maybe I'm a prude in saying "but not for church". Even though C is just as sleeveless, the wide collar makes it look classier. And it's bright and summery! Very cute.

Alexis said...

Thanks for all the input guys, right now it looks like C if pulling ahead, I will also post a picture of the evening version soon, just because I love my $35 go-to black dressy dress!