19 April 2010

A Painful Reminder To Renew My POA

Posting this link: Greene Vs. Sonoma County...Why Marriage Equality? to get the word out that this sort of behavior is not acceptable.  Read the story and understand that this is about more than rights for homosexuals,  it is about the right of every American to have their wishes honored if they do the right things to ensure that those wishes are known.  As someone who routinely operates in my husband's place via POA, and has gone though the effort of writing out wills, medical directives and so on, I can not even imagine what it would be like to just have the state override those wishes.  I just figure if they can do it to these guys (ignoring the fact that this borders on hate crime, lets just for a minute assume that the "gay issue" is not an issue) then they can do it to any unmarried couple. Probably any married one for that matter if they find these legal loopholes. If following the letter of the law can not gain you the protection of the law, where does that leave us?


Ginger said...

This makes me so angry. I can't believe that we live in a place where the wishes of individuals can be completely ignored and overriden because of legal loopholes. Gay, straight, whatever, those folks had the legal documents in place that *should* protect them, so WHY is stuff like this allowed to happen?

Mel said...

Thanks for posting this Alexis. I agree. Everyone should be able to name whomever they want as their POA. Re marriage equality, I so think allowing gay people to marry enhances marriage for all. I spent this past weekend with several moms (scouting camp chaperones) and heard three horrid stories of married men I know behaving in horrid ways. One gal discovered that her husband had a Match.com profile. He was trolling for dates, claiming he was divorced! (He will be soon.) Too many heterosexuals have made a mockery of marriage. It's quite possible that gay people will cherish marriage and commitment more than heterosexual people do.