15 April 2010

Rx For A Kick In The Ass

So I have totally been sucking at posting here lately. In thinking about why that is, I have been trying to evaluate just what I want this space to be. While I a fairly sure that I don’t really want to make it a business per say, I think it would be a good exercise in project development/management to get my act together. Based on all this, I have set some goals to complete this month so that I can fire up the all new and improved plan come May 1st.

  1. Make badges for this blog and my crafting blog Full of Knit. I realize badges are not the “make it or break it” foundation of blogging, but hey, it will be a good exercise in all the bloggy skills.
  2. Plan out my postings. I realize that I am better at doing stuff that has an assigned day or theme. In addition to Listless Mondays via abdpbt.com and the generic Wordless Wednesday, I hope to keep up Book Review Sunday as part of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge and add another day or two of “category” posts.
  3. I am thinking of instituting “Free Your Mind Fridays” where I can do a data dump of all the blog-worthy tidbits that are rambling around in my head. That way I can point out stuff that I find interesting, and may expand upon later, while it is fresh and up to date. Let me know if anyone else wants to join up.
  4. Try and do these last two on the crafting blog as well. Since my ability to work on/complete projects comes in fits and starts, some structure to keep the blog going during the “slow” times would be a good idea.
  5. Put together a proper “About Me” page along with “About This Blog” pages. By having to pare down what I want each space to be, I can focus my activities and hopefully, help draw in an audience who will have similar interests.

It is a fair bit to do, but here we go…this may just be the kick in the ass I so desperately need!


Alicen said...

So I very much like the idea of "Free Your Mind Fridays"! I would do it with you, probably not every Friday since we both know how I am with posting but I think it would be pretty perfect since I usually have random thoughts I'd love to write about but they don't "fit" with the cooking blog. This way it wouldn't matter!

Heidi Maxwell said...

This 'crafting' thing you speak of sounds enjoyable. I have vague memories of something along those lines...

Love the new button. Grabbing it for my blog.

I haven't even been very good at keeping up with the Monday and Wednesday stuff, but I'm in for Fridays. Now that I'm laying off Facebook a little more, I might be able to blog on a more regular basis.

Oh - and let me know if you are interested in code for annoying background music. Hehehe. I just couldn't resist with the Jamming/Jammin thing.