02 May 2010

Evolution of The Well-Read Mom

I have followed though on most of my threats for the blog revival.
  1. I did make cute badges for both blogs, that was actually quite easy and thankfully, when I suffered from a major fail in getting some of the code written Heidi at The Maxwell’s Madness straightened me out. (As it turns out trying to write code at 10pm will often lead to deleting the vital bits…)You can see them at the right.
  2. I did decide on a loose posting schedule:
    - Monday is Listless Mondays courtesy of abdpbt.com.
    - Wednesday will still be Wordless Wednesday so as to make me keep up with my personal - desire to play with my new(ish) camera.
    - Friday will be Free Your Mind Friday: a little something I am going to start “running.” I am going to use this time to mention anything of interest from the week, some of which may become future posts, and just get my head clear fro the weekend. Anyone who wants to play can join up, I will add your links and maybe have a button for this too.
    - Sunday will be Book Review Sunday as needed during the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge, I will post when I have a book that I feel is worthy of discussing.
    This schedule is not set in stone and certainly the other days will be filled with posts of all types and these planned days can be ignored if more pertinent stuff come us.  At least this way I will get some stuff up and running with more regularity.
  3. Full Of Knit will getting a better posting schedule too, just hammering out the details on how that will work.
  4. I did an About Me page and added in some About This Blog information there. It is not much, but it did get me thinking about what these blogs would be.
In doing all this I was also able to get a better grip on what I wanted to gain from running these blogs. I have decided that these are not, as of now, business ventures and that while I am using them to keep my brain active, learn new skills and keep my old skill fresh, they are just for fun and I should probably remember that! Based on this I have resolved to just plain post more. I need to get over my feelings that everything I post must be lengthy, completely researched, highly edited, literary gold. Anyone who has stopped by here more than once must be a bit interested in me and my stuff, so if I feel like talking about it, I can talk about it!

And we are off….


ABDPBT said...


Written, public goals are great for keeping you accountable.

Ginger said...

Good stuff on all the blog revival stuff, but I definitely think the whole "just post more" part of the plan is awesome. Selfishly, since I like to read what you write of course, but also because I think that momentum builds on itself.