07 May 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays: Debut Edition

So here it be, the first edition of what I hope will be a regular thing around here: Free Your Mind Fridays.

The rules are simple: share all that crap that is rattling around in your brain and then we can discuss, or not...its all good.

Here goes:
  • I am getting some nitrous at the dentist. That sounds good to me, the local doesn't have to be perfect assuming I am high off my ass... based on my experiences with Valium and Stadol, I reckon I wont much care!
  • I am so excited. I have brokered a deal with my three-year old such that she actually naps, or at least stays in bed, quiet, every day. Anyone with kids understands that, if I play my cards right, I can get 20-60 whole minutes to myself everyday. This is huge.
  • We are getting a new car. It is exhausting.
  • The new car is/will be a Subaru Outback. Does this make me an SUV driver? How do I feel about that?
  • I think The Big Gay Sketch Show may be the greatest thing ever put on TV. I have developed and obsession with LOGO that borders on pathological.
  • As the kids head to pre-school, the alpha-mommy dramas around here are getting a bit out of hand. I am starting to dread story-time and I really think I need to examine this whole alpha-mommy phenomenon more closely. (I also need to thank my lucky stars that I am headed out of here for Fall Enrollment because Holy Christ, this is way too serious for me.)
  • As a follow-up to the alpha-mommy thing I am thisclose to writing the cliched mommy-blog post about "why can't we all just get along." I mean really, are we all so worked up about what other people choose to do that we can't be civil? Why not? What is it about the current crop of parents that has turned having a family into blood sport?
  • I am so looking forward to being in a real-house in CT.  Sure it wil be huge and require much more cleaning, but I kind of think it will be easier since each room wont have to be serving 3-4 purposes simultaneously.  Hope springs eternal!

There you have it, my first collection of random thoughts that are pinging around my brain...some might become posts, others, not so much.  Ah, I feel much better and now, we can enter the weekend with our minds a little less cluttered.

This weeks Players:

Want to play? Just empty your head, grab this button and let me know you are participating via e-mail or in the comments. Enjoy!
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Alicen said...

Just posted this! Thanks for starting it, what a great idea :)

Alicen said...

Love playing anytime.

Yeah the San Diego thing is a big cluster F!!

Good luck with the teeth, hopefully it won't suck too bad and will heal fast.

And the running, not sure what happened but something definitely changed. I was dying when I would run 1 lap just a couple weeks ago and now I can run 2 or 3!?! I was starting to think the 5k wouldn't happen before this week, now I feel a bit better and should probably do a race soon myself before I slack off too much and lose the ability to run that far.

Don't feel bad for slacking off, personally I think you need to here and there or you get burnt out. A month ago I went 10 days but then just made myself start again and have been fine. I have actually been going more the past 2 weeks since the cruise is fast approaching. I'm sure I'll slack off after, I have trouble keeping the motivation.

Big hugs!!!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Tried to post last night, but blogger was being a butthead and wouldn't let me into my dashboard.

Heidi Maxwell said...

Here's my whiny ass list!


Alexis said...

No worries, I was enjoying the benefits of a stiff cocktail of pain killers...probably in no shape to link up anyway! You are all linked up now!