14 May 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Three is a horrible age. While Cha Cha is so much more enjoyable in many ways, she is also horrible, manipulative, malicious, obstinate little turd of a child most of the time. Despite her behavior of late, I am still undecided about pre-school in the fall. I guess we can decide once we get moved and settled. While I think she would like it, I am not sure how I feel about packing her off when I am a SAHM. I guess I have to figure out the right balance of classical schooling and the kind of education you can only get by just living life. Maybe what I really want to do is a more formal home-schooled pre-school…best of both worlds, or horror on a platter, with a side of wanting to shoot myself in the eye?
  2. This may just sound like sour grapes, but I think that all the women who smugly comment that “breast feeding is free” need to check their numbers. Baby 411 estimates that it costs $800 bucks to formula feed a kid for a year. That is a good chunk of money, but I really think that once you pay for bras, pads, pumps, bottles, lotions and potions, vitamins and supplements, consultations with lactation specialists, nursing covers, nursing stools, nursing pillows, storage bags etc. I bet you get to that $800 mark pretty quickly. While finances are just one of the billions of factors that go into choosing the right thing for your family, and you can’t put a price tag on finding the right choice (whatever it may be), much like with the diapers doing the math for your situation might be an eye opener. (Note: you do get increasing returns on your investment in BFing with each kid who re-uses the gear, while I am coughing up a new set of $800...but I would still say "free" is a bit of a misnomer.)
  3. Hylands Teething Tabs are the greatest invention of modern man. They seem to be the only thing that removes a layer of hatred-riddled fury from my teething 6 month old. While I don’t patently believe that just because something is “natural” it is inherently safe or better, I do feel a bit better knowing that I can dose the crap out of her with minimal risks. Just FYI if your kid should happen to break through the child safe locks on her closet and eat the whole bottle, it is pretty much no big deal. Ask me how I know…
  4. I am curious to know if you can identify a sociopath as early as 8-9 months. Without getting into the gory details there is a kid at story-time who spent the entire duration of play-time moving from kid to kid, smacking them and snatching away their toys.  I think that it may have been more than a "possessive phase" and more and early harbinger of some serious bully/Dexter-esque traits.  Then again, maybe the kid is just going through a "shithead phase" (see item #1).  
  5. I read a brief article looking at how overweight babies ten to meet physical milestones later and how this may impact obesity later in life.  I just have to say: what a crock of crap! It was easily the worst study ever done (okay fine, maybe second to that idiotic one that makes every wackadoo think that vaccines cause autism) and really proves nothing except that kids meet milestones when they meet them and that there is a range ages when meeting said milestone is considered appropriate.  Quick stats lesson: if your confidence intervals include "1" then there is not a real correlation.  I am beginning to fear that this national paranoia about fat kids will soon have infants on diets and toddlers at Weight Watchers.  Because that would totally be healthy.
There you have it, my random, and apparently extremely unfriendly, thoughts for the week

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      Alicen said...

      THREE IS HORRIBLE!!! Since hearing 4 is better I have been counting down hoping that he'll start to turn the corner soon but to no avail. It is somewhat settling to know it's not just my child. I feel like he is a horrible, mean, miserable kid lately and wonder what I did wrong?! Then I remember it's the age and one day (maybe) he'll be a good, sweet kid again!! Oy, hope springs eternal.

      And that infant obesity study seems just outright ridiculous! While I did have a chunky monkey who walked later he has, by no means, ever been obese in his childhood so far. In fact he thinned way out and was "underweight" for a while. Besides you had a chunky monkey too who walked quite early. On the flip side, given that estimate, my little peanut should be running all over the place and yet is still very much on the floor. Crock of CRAP!!

      Anonymous said...

      Breastfeeding is NOT free.

      I'm only on week two, and I have:

      2 nursing bras - $50
      3 nursing tanks - $50
      Breast pads - $7
      Lanolin cream - $10
      Breast milk storage bags - $10
      3 Playtex bottles - $15
      Fabric to MAKE a nursing cover cause I can't afford a $35 ready made - $6

      $150! Thank God my mom's group at church have been my "lactation consultants" and my friend gave me her $200 electric breast pump! I couldn't have paid for either.

      I don't understand why "they" (whoever they are!) stretch the truth about breastfeeding. Yes, it saves the family money, but it's not *free*. Yes, it's natural, but it's not *easy*. Stop exaggerating the benefits of breastfeeding!!! It just weakens the whole argument!

      Heidi Maxwell said...

      I can see your three and raise you 'almost three'. It's enough to make make my head explode many times a day. Add to that a baby that I all of a sudden can't keep track of anymore...

      OK, so breastfeeding isn't totally free. Big Whoop. I guess if you have to have every little accessory that you can possibly get, then you could spend a bunch of money on it. What do I have:

      6 nursing bras: all of which I purchased to wear while I was pregnant because the girls got out of control a bit early: $90
      Lanolin: $6 - from the first time around. And the tube is still more than half full. And I use it on my feet more than I use it on my tatas.
      Bottles: $15 and I've only used them twice. They are going in the garage sale.

      Gifts received:
      Pump: $200 from the first time around. Used it tons with O. Haven't used it more than twice this time. It's going in the garage sale this summer.
      Nursing pillow: $49 from the first time around. Love this thing. It's also a great body pillow.
      Nursing stool: $25 It was a gift. Ophelia has claimed it as hers. She's short and needs a stool to reach things.
      Undercover Mama: $20. I won it in a giveaway and I love it!

      Out of (MY) pocket, over almost 3 years: about $111. Total cost: $395. And I can sell some of this stuff and get some cash back!

      And yes, the first few weeks of breastfeeding are tough. You have that whole panic of "is my milk coming in" and then "holy shit! my milk is in and holy shit!" And there can be latch issues and sore nipples and seemingly endless feedings. But once you and baby get into it, it is SO easy.

      My list is up:

      Alexis said...

      @Jaci-Exactly, if it is the right choice for you, it is priceless, but in reality...well, it is all relative. Good for you for toughing it out!

      @Heidi- No doubt it is cheaper, totally for sure, the increasing returns for each baby soon outweigh the initial investment. It is just gals who make these blanket statements that kill me. Nothing with kids is absolute, just depends on what works for your family...shades of grey after all :)

      @Alicen- Lord have mercy that studies like this get funding yet I can't even get a simple master's thesis off the ground...whatever man!