28 May 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. I don't get Twitter, as in I literally don't get how it works or why one would do it. I realize that this may be a stumbling point if I ever actually want to break into the blog world. Oh well, looks like I am Luddite at heart. Please enlighten me if it just the "bee's knees" or whatever.
  2. I recently learned that this year not only will the flu vaccine be a combination of seasonal and H1N1, but it should be available in "mist" style for Cha Cha. I pretty much hate the whole flu shot debacle (see here and here), but not vaccinating would be a total jerk-face thing to do, so hey, I will go for this silver lining. Little Cheese will still have to get the shot, but DH, Cha Cha and I may be spared a poke. (Disclaimer: this is what the medic at the Naval Hospital said; I cannot confirm nor deny these claims and what is available via the Military Health system may not mirror what is generally out there. Please forgive me if this is erroneous.)
  3. On that note, while TRICARE is a nightmare (as is most insurance), I am so grateful to have access to the Military Health System. As one of the first major institutions to jump on board the whole "evidence based medicine" train, the care is top of the line. I really like how my doctors use the most progressive (though that is not really the right word) approaches since the MHS tends to implement policies based on newer research with comparative alacrity. An all the pediatricians are super cute!
  4. I am canceling my YMCA membership early. Sadly I have discovered that getting both the kids up, fed, cleaned up dressed, loaded up, walked the few blocks, re-pottied/changed and finally, successfully signed them into child-watch is wildly time consuming. I am much better off just putting them in the jogger (pjs and all if needed) and hitting the pavement. I have to cancel in a few weeks anyway, so might as well just get it over with and pocket the cash. Progress on 5K plan is glacial at best, but hey, at least I think about it once in a while.
  5. I am in love with my new Microsoft Office. Now I can type posts with full spelling and grammar check, then, as if my magic, BAM! Uploaded to the blog. Isn't technology grand?
  6. Looks like I may be shopping for a vacuum this weekend…Any suggestions? Also, we will be looking at new washers and dryers once we move, I am open to input there too.
My thoughts this week are super boring, but I am just knackered these days. Fighting the house one day at a time and trying to do fun stuff with the kiddos before it gets too blistering out…not too many thought whizzing around beyond "dear god, is it bedtime yet?"

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Alicen said...

I just posted my very short list.

Your not alone in the Twitter thing, I just don't get it either, nor do I have any desire to.

Also you most likely received correct info about the flu/H1N1 shot. I had read on the CDC's website that the only reason there was a separate vaccine this year was because the outbreak started in March after they already produced this years seasonal vaccine. Also the seasonal vaccine is defense against a couple different strains anyway so this year it will include H1N1, after all it's just a strain of the flu like all the others are. Now the mist version I have no idea about and haven't heard anything about it. I do believe if I am remembering correctly the age for the flu mist is either 2 or 3 and up.

As for the vacuum I know they are wildy expensive but my Mom loves her Dyson. She did buy a refurbished one however and saved a bunch that way.

Alexis said...

Alicen- I will link you right up and yeah, I want a Dyson, but I feel like the price point is a bit for the sad making. Then again, having the right tools is the key to success...

Heidi Maxwell said...

No list this week for me. Today was a grinder and with Jim gone all weekend...just.not.blogging.

It rained all day. Even during our walk this morning (75 minutes) while waiting for the car to be serviced.

I got a snap press.

I made brownies.

We skipped flu vaccines for everyone this year and we did OK. Not sure how we will deal with next season. We normally get all the pokes and sprays we can. R was too young when flu season started and O was sick at the time. And we never went back for them.

WTG with walking it. I have been doing some major walks at least 3 times a week and it feels really good.

I would also love a Dyson, but they are way over priced. If you could find a refurbished one, that would be cool. We have a Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. I like that it purrs like a jet engine, sucks really well, has a switch to turn off the brushes so you can vacuum hard floors without spraying the dirt around, and the cannister comes off so you have a built in hand held vac. And under $200. Bagless. Has attachments that work for us.

I'm fading. Even with a short nap. GOing to CSINY (Don Flack makes me drool) and snooze.