10 May 2010

Lessons Learned From The Wisdom Teeth Adventure of 2010: Round 1

  1. I am quite resistant to local anesthetic. It may not all be in my head.
  2. I am lucky to have a dentist who once he saw that, was respectful of that fact and made sure to keep the numbing drugs coming to accommodate me. He is a great dentist!
  3. Nitrous is wonderful, much like the Stadol when in labor with Cha Cha, sure it was uncomfortable/painful, but I did not really give a flip!
  4. Nitrous is also a wonder drug in that it works fast, and well, but clears in a matter of minutes. I went from blissed out to fully functional and able to get myself home in minutes. Granted I walked home since the office is on the ground floor of our complex, but you get the idea.
  5. That little voice in the back of my head that says “when your doctor tells you something will be no big deal, they are full of shit,” is actually correct 99.9% of the time.
  6. I have amazing roots and bones, my teeth will probably stay in my head long after I am dead and gone. Great news…assuming you are not trying to pry them out with the surgical equivalent of a crowbar.
  7. My top teeth were no big deal, the bottom one they got out was not.
  8. My dear dentist had no idea what he was up against when he waltzed in for this “quick” procedure. I can promise you he suffered a lot more than I did!
  9. Hooray! I get to go back for another round since they could only get three of them out. The fourth one is still there and will be removed in a few weeks during “The Wisdom Teeth Adventure of 2010: Round 2.”
  10. The recovery was pretty easy due to:

    • Excessive mixing of prescription drugs
    • DH waiting on me hand and foot so all I did was sleep and watch Weeds on Netflix.
    • The fact that after 3 hours of oral surgery, almost anything seems like a walk in the park!
  11. That the experience was way better than I imagined in terms of the surgery and recovery, however, it was all the cluster bomb I had anticipated in terms of it being a time-consuming pain in the ass.
  12. That the state of marriages in this country must be appalling since all the ladies at the dental office were just swooning that DH kept checking in on me while...gasp...taking care of our kids. Is this that extraordinary?  I sure hope not!
  13. They call it "laughing gas" for a reason!  The song "Sometimes When We Touch" came on while I was under the influence and for a few seconds there I totally thought I was going to flip my shit and fall right out of the chair laughing.
Needless to say I survived and it was no big deal. I was definitely worked up about the bits that proved to be just fine. Other than the sheer aggravation of how off-base my dentist was in his time estimates and the fact that I get to do it all again for the fourth tooth, it was all okay.

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