13 May 2010

A Little DIY

Since this blog is about being well-rounded, even though I am just a mom, I figured I would share a quick and easy project to jazz up your space.

I have this odd habit of collecting glass jars.  If I have a neat one left from a food product, I run it through the dishwasher and hold onto it.  Sometimes I use them for other storage, bug jars etc. and sometimes I just wind up with a million of them clogging up my cupboards.  Since we were deep into the latter, I found a cute use for them.

Now they serve as an adorable candle centerpiece for my table.  Just take your jars, arrange them artistically wherever you want them (I put mine on a platter for ease of moving, but you can just feel free to go crazy with your own design), drop in some tea lights and TAH-DAH: funky up-cycled table decor.

These would also be cute lined up down the center of the table for a big family gathering or in random clusters on a buffet table.  I can see an adorable outdoor soiree with little jars full of candles and larger jars (like pickle jars) with tightly bunched seasonal flowers.  Wrap the jars in paper with cut outs/colors that match the party theme. The list of possibilities is endless and better yet: the project was free to me since the jars were just left overs and I am willing to bet we all have tea lights, or other random candles, floating around.  I also like them for outside since you can set up some candle on the porch and not be fretting that you left anything of major value out to get rained on.  After all, when you are done, just rinse them out and toss 'em in the recycling!

**On a kind of random note, I was torn between putting this here or on Full of Knit since it is kind of crafty.  Making that choice did spawn this idea: Full of Knit is more of a journal I tend to update sporadically, but I would still like people to see it.  So I made this footer.  Now when there is an update at the crafting blog, you all can know to check it out.  This way people can see the updates is they are interested and, if not, then feel free to just ignore the button...let me know if this feature is good/bad/amazing etc.**

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