24 May 2010

Some of My 50 Things

Since I am on this major Throw out Fifty Things kick, I figured I would share some of the stuff I am chucking out:
  1. Baby gear- I have finally done it. I sorted out all our clothes and gear. I kept a fair bit since I will pass it on to other babies, and so much was still in great condition, but anything that was not going to get used again found a new home. Some was donated since it was still good, just not going to be useful to me, and some was too worn to be of use a second time so now I have a million dusters/cleaning rags.
  2. Kitchen stuff- This involved some tough decisions.  It is hard to part with stuff you might need, but really, if I have not used it since we moved in, there is no need to move it again.  I also replaced many of my tools and now have a relatively streamlined kitchen full of stuff that actually works.
  3. So much junk!- A house collects stuff, I have no idea how, but all is fine until one day you notice that you have a million magazines in the living room, a ton of almost empty containers in the fridge, pantry and medicine cabinets along with just plain too much stuff.  As I move along if I find I am picking something up and can't figure out why in under a minute, it needs to leave.
    Not everything I threw out was physical, much was and those first few are just the highlights because much more stuff  left my house, but a few items were mental/emotional. 
  1. The idea that I "need" friends- This sounds cynical, but I had to get over my fear that if we move across the country I will be at a lack of girlfriends.  I don't even like people that much and the long-term friends I have are enjoyed because we are able to live our lives without stressing about each other, then pick right up where we left off upon reconnecting.  I have realized that is all I need and people who fit into that category will happen organically so I just need to quick my whining.
  2. Giving a crap about the sanctimonious BS that surrounds parenting- Of course everyone believe that their way is the right way, you wouldn't have chosen that way if it wasn't the right way...right?  With that in mind, I am out.  That is not to say I won't enjoy it.  No one loves to watch a good Facebook debate or Twitter fight over Pampers vs Huggies more than I do, but I need to take a page from my Ravelry Rubberneckers group: you don't mock the drama itself, you mock the ridiculousness that there even is drama.
  3. Being such a sanctimonious jerk-The corollary to number 4 is that I will keep my "helpful" advice to myself unless asked, except maybe here where I can preach about anything I want, though even then I will try to remember that I can only offer what worked/works for me.  I can not, or more importantly, should not offer the "right" answer for everyone. 
  4. Not standing my ground-In sharp contrast to #3 I find that in many of my interactions I am quick to forfeit to someone else's opinion since I was raised to believe that it is rude to make someone feel bad.  I think I need to quit that.  If I have an opinion I may share it as I see fit (assuming adherence to #3) and people can take it or leave it.  Odds are I feel the way I feel for a reason, but as with #2, it is not my job to convert people to my way of thinking, nor is it my job to concede to anyone else's point just to be polite.  From now on, when someone decides to give me the "what's what" about my life I will merely respond with "this works for us/ this is the right decision for us/ fuck off" or whatever is appropriate to the discussion at hand. Please do the same to me, then we can all avoid the sanctimonious BS.
Lets hope I can keep up the momentum to stick to my resolutions and the good work around the house...personal growth is freaking grueling!



    ABDPBT said...

    This Throw Away 50 Things book sounds like Fly Lady, I'm wondering if it's somehow related? But am too lazy to look. I am definitely at this point with STUFF in my house, it's insane. When your house gets to the point where you just want to set fire to rooms, it might be time to start decluttering.

    Alexis said...

    The set fire to it all approach was actually my original plan...:)