03 June 2010

Checking In: The 6 Month Update

Back in the good old New Year I posted my goals for the year. I figure since the year is half over, it is probably time to evaluate and revise if needed.

Personal goals:

  1. Clean up my potty mouth-This one is going better than expected, but is not perfect. Interestingly enough, while Cha Cha has rarely repeated any "real" curse words, she picked up on "stupid" no problem. Looks like we all need to bid farewell to "stupid" for a while.
  2. Run a 5K- Progress here has been pitiful. Hitting the gym, even with the child-care available, has proven to be a huge challenge. Now between the heat (I am a total wuss okay) and the fact that between Little Cheese taking 2-3 naps a day and Cha Cha taking one nap a day there is never a good time to leave the house my running has been on major hiatus. This may be a goal that I just fail to meet, oh well; I have become all too comfortable with my mediocrity…
  3. Do 52 Books in 52 Weeks- I am doing OK on this one. My list is growing, though I am nowhere near the half-way point and I really should be by now. No matter, I figure at least I am reading a bit and even if what I reading is total fluff, the mere act may be enough to stave off the idiocy for a few extra years.
Crafting goals:

  1. Dye my yarn- I have done two more skeins, and I am giving one away as part of a charity drawing, so that is coming along nicely. I have three more skeins to do (2 worsted and one sock for all my fellow knitters) and the results have been quite pleasing.
  2. Make one actual garment- Full of fail here. I have not even picked a patter, let along rounded up the supplies and started. Oh well…six month to worry about that I guess…
  3. 25 Items for charity- I have 22 done, so we should be good on this one. Sure those items are baby hats, but still, through Hot Heads Happy Hearts babies in Rwanda will now have warm heads and a greater chance of escaping the high infant mortality rates of that country.
Cooking goals:

  • Here my only goal was to make more food from scratch and try to cut back on our processed food use. It has been pretty easy. We now make our own pasta and the only bread products I buy are Naan and tortillas. I cook more and have really gotten into using my slow cooker to make even fancy ethnic foods. Making this change was really pretty easy, though the hard bit is deciding where to draw the line between "prepared" and "processed." Pre-shredded cheese is still jut cheese and pizza sauce where you can identify all the ingredients without a chemistry tome are good, pre-made Stouffers lasagna (which I would avoid on principle anyway) is not so good. I do confess there are some things I can't (or more truthfully, won't) give up. Crackers, cereal, goldfish and snacks like granola bars are just not worth making yourself (I really don't have it in me to hand sculpt 3.67 million little cheese goldfish TYVM!) and can be found in organic/natural/better for you versions. Also, Diet Coke; sure it is cancer in a can, but the caffeine keeps me from killing people so I consider it a healthier choice…you know, as compared to homicide.
Update complete! I guess I am doing okay with my goals, and I have to remember that oh so many little goals are met every day/week/month that I bet we are all doing much better at this life thing than we think. Anyone out there complete any super cool goals they want to share? I would love to hear all about them!


Alicen said...

I like the little check-up, what a good idea.

Funny you should mention the stupid thing. I do not have much of a potty mouth, never have, so watching my language is not hard. However I didn't think twice about the word stupid until Nathan repeated it!! I was actually a little surprised by how much it bothered me hearing him say it, I know it's not a "bad" word in the traditional sense but it still isn't good. I taught him that that was a grown up word. I still catch myself saying it (sometimes more than I would like) but since I taught him that he hasn't said it anymore. The way I see it is that he is going to start using it sooner rather than later and I am okay with that but I want him to understand what it means and that it can hurt people before he starts using it.

No interesting goals here not that I even bothered with them. I should be able to do a 5k in the fall which is exciting and my general goal of cooking more wholesome things has been met so that's good news. Don't get bummed about the running, you may have to delay that goal until maybe next year when Lizzie's a bit older and life isn't so crazy. You are making an overall attempt to be active and I am sure you are working out more now than you have in times past so be proud of that. The actual 5k goal may not get met but I do believe you made that as a way to become overall healthier and make exercise a routine part of your life. You've taken many steps in the right direction and are making an effort so that is something to be proud of!!