04 June 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. I feel I should start by saying how annoying it is that my grammar check always wants to change the "your" in my title to "you're." Really? Why are you even here?
  2. I realize no one cares, but Glee this week was awful. Less "touchy-feely-sexually-awkward" and more "cheesy teen drama that plays like 'The Sound of Music'" please.
  3. The NYT never fails to create shock and awe. After my excitement about this article on the idea of national educational standards (standards that look a bit grim, but hey, at least we will have some), the site followed up with this "headliner" about the danger of kids eating button batteries. Um…if you have kids, you tape everything shut. I understand that most PSAs are about common sense, but this kind of baffled me.
  4. Along the "common sense" line of reasoning, Cha Cha's new body wash shows directions that read: "Place quarter sized amount on washcloth or pouf. Work into a rich lather, rinse and repeat as needed." Never once does it mention you should put it on your body…hmm…I reckon if you are reading the directions for body wash, you might actually need help making that connection. (FWIW I was reading them at her request, "reading directions" is a huge thing for her right now, not because I was unaware of how one should use said product.)
  5. Since my "to-do" list is not intimidating enough, and my goals for this year are not even complete, I have set up an additional list of things I am dying to do in the new house…more on that later I promise.
  6. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we can stay in CT after "school." Without jinxing anything our odds have changed from <10% to maybe a 50/50 chance, so hope springs eternal around here. WA would be nice too, but I am a lazy cow and do not want to do two moves in a year.
  7. There is hope for me yet.  I was able to read The Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini and not want to die of irritation at the mention of anything Hawaiian.  Our last boat (submarine) was the USS Hawaii (SSN 776) and well, lets just say that Navy people are freaking over the moon about all things Hawaiian...it has taken me this long to recover from luau/lei/Aloha spirit overload.
That looks like pretty much it this week. I know I have been slacking on the blogs, but I did get a lot done in other areas of my life, so hey…you win some, you lose some!

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Alicen said...

My list is up.

As a response to:

#4 - Some instructions never cease to amaze me. And also last time I checked I might have used a quarter sized amount of body wash to clean my entire body. On a 3 year old that seems like overkill!

#5 - The difference about your to-do list and the list of what you want to do in the new place is easy; one is fun and one is not! It's always fun to think about all the awesome things you can do in a new home and your is going to be large so it will be AWESOME!! You will be in heaven when you have a place to put everything you own and when everything actually fits!

#6 - My fingers are crossed for you to.

#7 - I am glad you are finally over the Hawaii overload. They did take having the name USS Hawaii a little bit too much to heart. I guess it just makes life so easy though since you have a built in theme. The USS Virginia doesn't have nearly to coolness factor when planning events.