11 June 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. My list of stuff to do in the new house grows ever longer. Given that I have the space to store stuff, I am looking into doing more jams/canning, making my own peanut butter (have two jars right now so I won't need any for a bit) and doing some meal planning/possibly couponing since I will lose the luxury of a grocery store across the street. Along these lines I am wondering about some kind of bulk food plan. Trying to decide between Costco/BJs and just getting an Amazon Prime account. Yet another thing to research!
  2. My obsession with Trashy TV continues for now I may be hooked on Pretty Little Liars. It is really pretty pathetic, I am a grown woman and yet, annoying teen dramas are totally my style.
  3. In light of DH thinking he might stay in the Navy and do the whole career thing, I have come to grips with the idea that we will probably never buy a house…at least not until he "retires." Granted I need to crunch the numbers but given a 2-3 year limit on any location and basically no say in when/where we move, I might be better putting the money spent on property taxes, renovations etc. in the bank. Food for thought…
  4. I am growing to hate our little sandbox. The current set up on our balcony means tons of sand gets tracked into the house. It is like all of the downsides of having a beach house, with none of the perks.
  5. I recently read this little article about the cost of raising kids, and this companion article that makes many of the points I was going to make, and I find it all very interesting. I wonder where we fall, though I hesitate to actually add up the number because…ouch. I totally believe those numbers, but I am not sure they come from the categories you expect. (For example: we only "need" $100 a month to keep the two of them in diapers, formula, wipes, lotions and potions, but we wound up buying a new car…so yeah, I bet it all evens out to some kind of mind blowing expense no matter how you cut it.) Also, how did that figure not count for the cost of college? Is it assumed that they are 18 then and not your problem? Of course the number quoted as being the anticipated cost of college when we set up the 529s was astronomical, so maybe no one wanted to cause mass heart attacks. All very interesting none the less.
  6. Booked tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba live for September…I might be even more excited than Cha Cha. Still unsure if we are bringing Little Cheese, she can go for free, but still, wrestling a 25lb 10 month old for an hour when she won't get much out of it may not be such a hot idea.
  7. Cha Cha, DH and assorted ILs are headed out to go camping this weekend. It will be just me and the Little Cheese. Looking forward to spending some time with just here. I am thinking Knit in Public Day, HarborFest and the BFF Marathon on LOGO.
*Funny story: I started this list Wednesday because I totally had it in my head that it was Thursday and I had to get this thing up and running ASAP…if I had a brain cell, it would be lonely! Even better, was then late getting this posted today because I thought it was still Thursday!

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