18 June 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. I know we are not supposed to do it, but I think that, to a certain degree, comparing kids is kind of okay. I actually enjoy seeing my girls interact with other kids and having some more data points to consider. Usually I can see areas where they are a bit ahead, area where they are pretty average and areas where they lagging a bit. I think this is okay as long as we realize that it is not a competition and/or a missed milestone does not immediately mean a huge intervention is required. This is all just useful information to help gain a better picture of how our kids are doing.
  2. I am currently typing this sitting outside Cha Cha's door while she falls asleep. This is not because she has some kind of attachment issue but because I am just that sick her farting around at bedtime that I am willing to enforce a police state until she caves and just goes to freaking sleep already. I am taking all bets as to who is more stubborn, who will crack first and how many nights it will take before she accepts the cold hard reality of bedtime. After all, it's not like she has had the same bed-time routine for 2.5 years, clearly this is all a HUGE surprise to her!
  3. I am actually getting some knitting done, so that has been nice. You can check all that out here at Full Of Knit. (I know my crafting obsession is not that interesting to everyone…)
  4. Great sales this week at the mall. Eddie Bauer, Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret are all in full summer sale swing. I must get to Vickie's for she, and she alone, makes the BioFit bras. Just trust me, they rock.
  5. I got a mandolin food slicer for an early birthday gift from my ILs. It is quite cool. I figure it is really the fastest way to ensure I lose a few fingers, but hey, any price for waffle fries!
  6. We have a date for packers and movers, the end is near! I am also finally going to get this last wisdom tooth done. Things are finally starting to wrap up around here, and for that, I am very grateful.
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Alicen said...

My list is up.

In response to yours I think we all compare our kids to others whether we want to or not, it's only natural. I think the main difference is if we keep it to ourselves or if we share it with everyone else making a big deal out of things (good or bad)or pushing our thoughts/beliefs onto others. I say compare all you want just keep it internal (or discuss with direct family members). Sharing milestones if one thing because their is no comparison, it's simply my kid can now do "x". However the whole "My kid can do x better than your kid" thing gets pretty old.

Mandolin's are awesome as long as it's a good one. We had one and ended up returning it since it didn't quite work very well but are in the market for another, only this time I am reading reviews.

I completely forgot about you still needing to go back for that last stubborn tooth! That sucks but hopefully this time it won't be as bad since it's only one.

So when is the official pack date? I bet u=you are so ready to move! I am kinda like that here, we've been in one place too long.

Alexis said...

@Alicen- Yes, the packers are coming 12 Aug and loading the truck 13Aug. We should be in the new place within a week of that. So excited!