25 June 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Yesterday I had the awesome experience of discovering that the deep fryer had not only been put away full of oil (yum!) but that I had tipped it over while pulling out the steamer. As a result both my washer and my dishwasher got quite the workout in addition to my kitchen being super clean since it took several rounds of soapy scrubbing to remove the film. Why the fryer was stored with the now rancid oil…I have no idea. I am fairly sure that would not have been my idea, but hey, we don't need to be pointing fingers here. So, in conclusion, a fry-baby-fryer's worth of oil will easily coat a 12x12 space and the results are epic.
  2. The perfect industrial grade grease remover is: equal parts water and white vinegar mixed with enough dish soap to get some bubbles going.  It stripped stuff off my floors that had been there since we moved in...thought it was just the pattern of the tiles...eewwwaaahhhhh!
  3. The above incident taught me a valuable lesson: when I am laying in bed at night feeling like I spent the whole day running myself ragged for no reason other than the fact that my "housemates" are inconsiderate jerks….yeah I feel that way because it is true. So there is a big mood booster for you.
  4. The decision to preschool, or not to preschool Cha Cha in the fall was a major drama-llama, at least for me. At the end of the day we decided to not enroll her for the fall. It was a very complicated decision involving, but certainly not limited to, issues of cost, convenience, family dynamics, our potential relocation schedule and a long hard look at just how we want to approach education around here. I feel good about our current plan, but it was a rocky road getting there.
  5. I read an article that stated how the Navy operates under the philosophy that it "recruits sailors, but retains families." What bullshit. The military gives a lot of lip service to putting families first, but really, anyone who has tried to get help for a family knows better than to believe it is true. The Navy's only real philosophy is that "the mission comes first." Granted, we are well compensated and there are lots of perks (good health care if you can stick with the system and actually access it, the GI bill will help put our kids through school, tax advantages etc.), but at the end of the day to make this work you just have to realize that the Navy would really prefer sailors not clutter things up with families. Personally, we make it work and even enjoy the lifestyle, but hey, it is not all kittens and rainbows. This is symptomatic of an American cultural phenomenon in which everyone claims kids and families are most important, but then as a nation we lag the rest of the world in actually supporting families. The military just happens to provide a perfect little cross section of how it is true.
  6. For a bit of good news, Little Bits decided that she was not into her sippy cups and would really prefer big sister's straw cups, so Hooray! We can skip the in between bits and jump right o the part where they both use the same cups. Now I just need to buy Munchkin Mighty Grips in bulk and we are all set!
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Alicen said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I really like the new look of all the blogs, much better than the others.

I have a list, not very exciting, but a list. Good to hear you got the oil slick all clean. I thought vinegar may do it since it's one of the few things that cleans dog drool off of windows, apparently an equally elusive mess. Would have never thought to add dish soap in with the vinegar/water. Good to know!

Ginger said...

Oh my gosh, I think I would have flipped my lid about the oil. And probably made someone else clean it up!

Alexis said...

@Alicen- These are actually "stock" blogger templates. I was playing with them just to see what the new features were, and it is actually pretty good. You are all linked up!

@Ginger- There was much with the freaking out! It just so happens that this week DH would be at work until 8pm or later so I wasn't really willing to wait. That man doesn't even know how "lucky" he was to putting in the 16 hour day...