07 June 2010

New House!

When we move we are renting a very nice, and very big (comparatively) house in CT. Since we will have storage space, a few extra rooms and a backyard, I have quite a list of stuff I want to do.

  1. Set up a Playroom- This is key. Off what we will be using as the living room, there is a little "sunroom" with shelves already lining the walls. This will be where all the toys live. There can be a reading area, an art area and lots of room to store and play with the toys. They will spill into other areas, but at the end of the day instead of having to clean up my whole house, I can just shove all the toys back into that room, and…shut the door. I could weep with pleasure at this idea.
  2. Set up bedrooms that are just for sleeping- In our apartment we currently have a nursery/guestroom/storage room, all the toys in Cha Cha's room and a kegerator in my bedroom. Yeah, restful it is not. One moved each girl can a have a room for sleeping/dressing and all the other crap can take a hike. Planning on getting each of them one of these. The rooms will have nature themes, I am so excited.
  3. Compost- I think I want a vermiculture thing, but that depends on how fearful I am of worms, and if we are staying in this house for the subsequent three years. I need to do a ton of research on this, so look forward to lots of composting posts soon…yippee!
  4. Recycle more- In the Northeast people actually do recycle, so I am jazzed to cut down our landfill contribution. Between becoming uber-recyclers and the composting, I think I can keep our trash down to two 13 gallon bags a week.
  5. Have a bathroom to ourselves- The tub here is in the master suite, so I shower everyday knee deep in toys. At the new place: kids can use the bathroom in the hall and stay out of my room/bathroom entirely.
  6. Garden- even if only in containers so as to now forever restructure our landlord's lawn.
  7. Have a craft room- this will actually be our dining room, since the kitchen is "eat-in" but I will actually have a space where I can set projects up and leave them running as needed.
  8. Have an actual guest room-enough said.
  9. Set up my stationary bike- yup, exercise, for real, right in my house.
  10. Have actual storage space- Thanks to a basement, a garage and enough rooms, we will actually be able to store all our crap without it looking like a bomb hit.
Needless to say we have officially outgrown this apartment and we are really looking forward to the new place. Even better news, DH just called (no joke, I just hung up the phone) and we are going a week earlier than expected! Let's get this show on the road!

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Alicen said...

The Twilight turtle is the BEST THING EVER!! Nathan loves his and your girls will too. Just be forewarned that it goes through batteries quickly so stock up on some rechargeables.

Alexis said...

Thanks Alicen, I will order a few sets right along with the turtles! I reckon the transition from the hustle and bustle here to the dark quiet of Gales Ferry might actually be the hardest part...

Ginger said...

Oooh, the amazing appeal of storage! And space! And storage space!

ABDPBT said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. I wish I had a playroom for Mini and a bath in our master bedroom. Our house was built in the 70s so we have one of those annoying master baths with just a stall shower, so if I want a bath I have to go to Mini's bathroom and sit with the toys as well, and it's super shallow. SUX.

Lucky you!

Alicen said...

Alexis it will be eerily quiet and dark! It was amazing just how dark it was.

Heidi Maxwell said...

Even though we have a few of these things, I'm totally jealous of the extra rooms! I don't know what we will do when it's time for Ro to exit the master bedroom and sleep in her own space.

I totally want worm composting but we don't have a good spot for them. I think you could hack it. Once you pour them in there, all you need to do is feed them their daily scraps and they are good to go.

Twilight turtles rock. O loves hers. We have one for Ro waiting for when she moves into her own room. Seriously thinking of changing O's room to a sleeping room for both of them and the guest room into a play room/craft room. And trade the actual queen bed that's in there now into an aero bed that can be stored away. Or something. We are not at that bridge yet!

Alexis said...

@ Anna- the new master suite is also sans bathtub, but I can take a pass on a bath in exchange for that blissful playroom!

@Heidi- I definitely considered the share a sleep room, have a play room idea. When we were considering other options I had the idea of playroom with a sleep-er sofa thing. Not four star exactly for guests, but it would work!