02 July 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Little Bitz has a double ear-infection, that pretty much sums up the fabulosity of my week.
  2. Getting my last tooth pulled today…for you math geeks: that is (medical pain in my ass)²
  3. In a perfect example of southern customer service, when I turned in our notice that we would be enacting the military clause to dissolve our lease, the property manager gave me grief. OMG lady, did you even read the lease your company wrote? I did.
  4. Pretty sure my kid can poop on command.  So far she has managed to do so every time I sit down to feed the baby, every nap time and every bed-time.  I just hope she learns to use this superpower for good and not evil.
  5. Totally watched The Buccaneers. It was awesome. I love a good period piece with heaving bosoms and frothy dresses. I think I must read the book…perhaps I need to do a classics revival phase for my reading challenge.
  6. New season of Futurama. Love. It.
  7. I am so over The World Cup.
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