09 July 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. I have really been sucking at posting lately. Granted the past 10 days have pretty much kicked my ass up and down the block, but it was a poor showing none the less.
  2. The last wisdom tooth has been nothing short of excruciating. It is a bit better after a fairly disgusting incident involving a set of stitches coming out and releasing a whole glob of nasty so we shall see how it goes. Sorry for the major over-share there, I am still a bit traumatized by said event.
  3. In good bloggy news I have had a recent influx of people/companies interested in doing things with my blog. Some are obviously just random form-letter stuff, and a few are clearly part of referral programs from other bloggers I follow, but some were unsolicited and actually of some merit in relation to my blogging. (It was a refreshing change from the usual SPAM wanting me to hawk fake Vigara, diet pills or pyramid schemes.) I have politely declined since, at this point in time, I have no interest in taking the blog in that direction. This is partially because I don't have the time to commit to such ventures right now (too much in flux) and also because if/when I decide to make this a business venture, I think I need to be careful in just how I do that. (See: Personal Finance @ abdpbt.com for details and great food for thought on blogging for business.) Still, it is nice to be noticed and I guess it is good to know the option does exist.
  4. Had a birthday yesterday. Creeping up on 30 and I can't wait. For some reason I am perceived as "way too young." Too young for what? Parenting? Marriage? The life I am leading? Not sure really, but I do hope that when I am in my 30s with two kids strange women on the street will stop feeling a need to educate me. DH suggests just telling people I am 35 and have done with it, though maybe he just fancies me a "cougar" in training. How old do you need to be to be a "cougar" anyway? Clearly this is a dangerous tangent to be heading off on…
  5. We should be hearing about "the big move" by the end of the month. I find it all a bit irritating. While I get how the Navy figures it is no biggie since these results will give people 8 months of lead time before they have to get settled somewhere "permanent" and head out with boats, in actuality it is a mere 6 weeks of lead time to plan multiple moves. Many of these families are waiting to make long-terms plans depending on if they are relocating, relocating twice, coming back to their current home-port after school or some combination thereof. It is easy for us since we will go with DH to CT and then move again as a family if the need arises, but people with kids in school, houses to sell etc. don't have that luxury and well, it kind of sucks. Oh well, I know everyone is doing everything they have to do as fast as they can, but still, bleeding ulcers all around. I am sure it is just as stressful to job-hunt and move in the civilian world so just file this one under: "fake problems of the affluent millenials."
  6. To wrap up this week with a fresh dose of awesome, DH got me the LEGO Medieval Village for my birthday. Holy moley, it is the coolest thing ever. Being an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) I have really secured my position as the alpha-geek. But come on people, look how bitchen it is:

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Ginger said...

Dental work is the WORST. Seriously, I'd have my c-section before doing some of my dental surgeries again (no, I'm not exaggerating). I hope you're feeling better soon!

And happy birthday!!