16 July 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Passive-aggressive poop-torture on behalf of Cha Cha: Solved. Surprisingly, a simple, non threatening "I won't be coming to change your poop so I would go in the potty and not in your diaper," fixed the whole thing. Next up, ditch the sleepy-time diapers, but perhaps after the move.
  2. Got XM Satellite Radio for my B-day, it is awesome.
  3. Lil'Bitz is crawling around now. Cha Cha is freaking out. While it is perfectly acceptable for Cha Cha to spend hours heaving herself across the exersaucer so as to steal the baby toys, it is NOT ok for Lil'Bitz to touch a single one of her toys. On the upside the phrase "wow, we better clean these up so Lil'Bitz doesn't get them," holds seemingly infinite power. I am not too good to exploit that fact.
  4. I am now a few days into a new plan of getting up when Chris' alarm goes off and heading to the gym while he showers and gets ready for work. This appears to be a much better use of my time than lying in bed with covers over my head. Might as well put the fact that I am "off duty" with the kiddos until he leaves to good use.
  5. This experiment has also taught me that I can walk a mile much faster than I can jog it. Seems counter-intuitive, but the timer doesn't lie. I am now thinking that I may change my goal of running a 5K to just being able to do a 5K in a certain amount of time. Probably requires the same level of fitness, but I no longer have the mental block of the running.
  6. Squee! - Rugby in CT. Have not yet located women's club or league, but they must exist. Players tend to pair up and mate for life. Ask me how I know. Inspired by the Bingham Cup. More on this later.
  7. Chris is thisclose to finishing his Masters. It will be nice to actually see him enjoy a few weeks of this shore duty. As for shore duty, all those people who described it as "10-2 with lots of golf," I want to know what jobs they had. Either they are lying liars or they are total douchebags who just did not bother to do any work. Honestly, with a few exceptions, I am guessing the latter.
  8. Getting up to go work out mean bed-time is now 9pm…so that wraps up this post!
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Alicen said...

I actually have a list up this week!

I'm glad you solved the poopy problem. That is exactly the strategy I used except he decided to try it out a few times to see what happened. I stood my ground and after 2 times he was done.

Jealous about the XM radio, it would be great to actually listen to the radio instead of talking and commercials all day!

#3 must be a universally kid thing to do. We have the same thing happening in our house. The whole what's his is his and what's hers is his completely applies!

Way to go on getting back to the gym!! I have majorly fell off the wagon since the broken arm/ Brian gone thing. Thought I would hop back in there but truth is arm still isn't 100%. Finally I stopped beating myself up and came up with a plan to resume in Sept after all the crazy is done (and hopefully arm back to 100%). Again major kuddos to you!