23 July 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Canceled our camping trip for the weekend since the heat will be well into the triple digits. That is way too hot for chasing babies!
  2. We have a chronic problem with broken crossing lights here where I live. I spend way too much time thinking about it, filling in the online reporting forms and e-mailing/calling various people about this problem. Well, someone got hit by a car in a crosswalk near our apartment. The woman will be fine, but still, that scared the crap out of me. I can only hope that the silver lining is the city deciding to actually do something about the chronic problem. I am doubting it since Chris and I have a theory that apathy has become a new cost-saving business practice.
  3. House inventory? Trying to decide if this is the best idea ever or a total waste of my time since, with the exception of maybe 10 things, it is just stuff and I would be over the loss as soon as the insurance check cleared. Yeah I am pretty heartless like that. I love my stuff because I am a consumerism driven American like everyone else, but really, it can all be replaced.
  4. I have completely screwed up my foot. The whole process went: stepped on medicine measuring spoon, walked funny to compensate, got blister, ran on said blister and injury, now have puffy sore foot that has ruined my gym plans practically before they even got started. It is awesome.
  5. I may have played an integral role in Chris doing well on his masters capstone project thanks to my knowledge of sensitivity and specificity as statistical measures. It is nice to know I still retain some level of intelligence.
  6. I say these nest things in whispered tones: Lil'Bitz started sleeping 12 straight hours at night, all by herself TYVM (I would have lingered with one night waking until a year because really, what is one wake up, but still glad I don't have to!) and Cha Cha seems to have established her own plan to wean off nighttime diapers. My kids are geniuses!
  7. The best part about being a grown-up? You can play "cooking show" in your kitchen because no one is the boss of you. Even better? When your husband walks in he doesn't mock, he just grabs the camera because hey, this stuff is cool. 

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Ginger said...

There was an intersection at my college that didn't have a turn light, but desperately needed one. The city wouldn't do anything about it until someone got killed, despite pleading from the university, the community and the students. We all knew it was going to happen, but until it did, the city went "eh, whatever". I hope yours gets fixed before something like that happens.

And on a positive note--hooray for sleep!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Heidi Maxwell said...

I have to say that your blog makeovers are lovely!

I love doing cooking show in my kitchen. It's also a great way to let O help me - cause then she can just dump in whole bowls of whatever the next ingredient is. It will be even better when O is tall enough and has the attention span to actually do the dishes afterwards!

Hope your tootsie feels better!