22 July 2010


Oh goody, a blog post about the drama of blogging. Just what this place needs!

Anyway, I have been working on a post that I think is pretty good, though I have hard time nailing down exactly what I am trying to say. It is about how I no longer like to read certain types of blogs, especially parenting blogs. I love blogs written by parents, but not blogs purely devoted to the "how-to" of the art. I have many reasons for this change in reading direction, though most of them sound unconscionably bitchy when put out there in black and white.

So here is the dilemma: Do I risk offending people with this stuff? I know I have very few followers and it is not like I am bringing down an empire here. I also don't think I am moving too drastically into "linkbait" here by directly bitching about other bloggers. (Honestly, none of the stuff I reference has anything to do with anyone specific anyway, it is more about a certain tone that seems to accompany anyone telling you how to raise your kids.) I also kind of feel like this is my space and I should feel comfortable putting this stuff out there. I assume that the few of you who read here find my general misanthropy appealing in some way and honestly if you are going to be offended by my implication that many people in this world are self-aggrandizing morons, then you probably shouldn't bother to pull up a chair.

What is a girl to do? I think I am just going to do a final round of editing and go for it. I will queue it up for next week so the blog can have some posts to fill the space I will be using to recover from our camping trip this upcoming weekend.


Ginger said...

Do it. As you said, it's your space and you should feel comfortable putting whatever you want out there.

Heidi Maxwell said...

I've barely been able to read ANY blogs, let alone parenting blogs. Or even writing on my own blog, for that matter.

Write your heart out Lexi!