27 July 2010

More Renovations

I have been playing with how the blog looks a bit thanks to the new design tool from blogger which actually is really great for free HTML, and now I plan to do some structural re-organizing.  I am aiming  to create multiple side-bars so as to better feature the blogs and sites I love. I am not using this space as my own business, but I would love to support those who are building their brand and doing this for more than giggles.

It may look like a total mess around here so please forgive me as I endlessly tweak bits that will look like a hot wreck until it all comes together.  The plan it to do all the code stuff then add it all in swoop, but yeah...if you show up during the middle, sorry for the disaster area.

I figure if I can't get my act together to write stuff, I might as well do all that restructuring I have been putting off!