27 August 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays- The Return

  1. Chris and Cha Cha are in NY sailing and hanging with Gramma and Grandpa. Lil'Bitz and I are hanging out here trying to kick our pacifier habit. I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner, but hey, I am a weak woman and when that bad boy stops the crying and starts the sleeping how can I resist? I used the old credit card trick where they are frozen in the freezer…now we have to ask, who really has the addiction here…
  2. So excited! Our local library is so cute and it has two (that's right! TWO!) knitting meet ups every month and an ongoing charity drive.
  3. Chris and I are taking a trip to San Francisco in about ten days. I am so excited to go away just the two of us with nothing to do except relax. I will miss the girls terribly, but this will be our last chance to go on such a trip for about 4 years, so we must make the most of it.
  4. This gardening thing is quickly becoming an obsession. I have been out digging away every day since we moved in. On the upside I am losing weight and my arms are looking almost toned so maybe this is a good kind of obsession. Soon I can add lawn mowing to my repertoire of skills, that is probably a good work out right?
  5. Somehow, even though Chris is on leave and has been around all the time, when garbage night arrived, I was all alone doing it myself. Seriously, and I am not bitching, just stating an interesting statstic, in all the years we have lived in a place where we had to roll garbage cans to the curb, I can probably count on one hand the number of times he has undertaken this task. I am not sure why this pisses me off so much, but it does.
OMG, that is all I can muster this week, so exhausted, tripling the size of your home really increases your workload by 12x. Insane!

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Alicen said...

So I would normally say I hope you enjoy yourself since you are down to 1 child however I know that won't be the case this weekend! Good luck with the pacifier thing, they are lifesavers...until it comes to getting rid of them. I would still say your doing it while she's young though, it'd be worse if she was 2.

When we move back up there in 9 short months you'll have to fill me in on all the fun stuff. I haven't knitted much lately but that sounds like a perfect excuse to start again, and gets away for a while to chat with some ladies!

Gardening is quite the workout. I am always amazed at how out of breath I am when doing major gardening, doesn't seem like you should be. Completely counts as exercise and I imagine those arms should be looking pretty good if you keep it up!

Oh, the trash. Don't even get me started on the trash. They really do weasel their way out of it any chance they get! I often refuse to take it out and will just keep stuffing it in, there are times where I've also piled on top (very mature I know). I know if I start doing it it's one less thing he will and I refuse that to be the case!

Ok so I didn't mean to comment on everything but oh well. I just posted my list too. Hope your doing good in your nice large house!

Ginger said...

Oooh, have fun in San Fran! We had such an amazing time, even with the kiddo--it's always been one of my very favorite cities. Are you going to stick to SF, or are you doing any day tours in the area?

Heidi Maxwell said...

I am so insanely jealous of your big house and your vacation without kids, that I may just have to change my blog background to green!!

My list is up!