06 August 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  1. Prop 8 overturned. There is nothing I need to say about this that has not been said, very well, by so many others. I did feel it needed a mention though. DADT needs to be next.
  2. Cha Cha is a super psychic weather gal. She is always telling us that there will be a storm…most of the time she is right despite what the weather report may indicate. An odd super-power, but one none the less.
  3. Lately I have been trying to be less of a hypocritical ass…let me tell you, it has been tough! Anyway, I feel like the art of parenting is especially riddled with chances to be just such an ass. Since no parent can do it all perfectly all the time, we each pick and choose our important bits and that can create a bit of conflict. I have a post in the works to elaborate on this…
  4. The house is finally ready for the packers and I have recovered from my snit fit. This time next week we will be coasting towards the finish line. I am trying to organize properly just in case this stop is temporary, not that we will know about that any time soon. Thanks guys, great job as always.
  5. Finally got a new vacuum cleaner. The first time I used it I had to empty the canister twice. Whether that is indicative of what a crappy house-keeper I am or how bad the old vacuum was, I am pleading the 5th.
  6. I am obsessed with True Blood. I will confess now that I love Charlaine Harris books. There, my secret is out.
  7. I desperately need to do a Book Review Sunday since I have read so many great books lately.
  8. Is it sad that when I had to pick the stuff I wanted to move myself I chose skeins of yarn? Really. My laptop full of photos and six skeins of yarn from indie dyers are the only items I really reckon I could not replace. I am a sick woman.
  9. Last up: The Target Debacle.  So just eff me, apparently Target supports conservative political causes.  Great, I do not want to support supporters of things I do not support, but really, my financial solvency hinges on my love of Target generics.  This may ease my ruffles left-wing feathers, but I am not sure...
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Alicen said...

Ok so since I was unable, for whatever reason, to leave a comment yesterday I am a bit late.

I am glad for you that all the prepacking crazy is over...for now. You've got to love the military move drama that always seems to ensue. I think we all hit that point you did the other day when we are just done and want it to be over already! I wish you guys knew where you'd end up but according to Brian you don't normally find out until after you in school. I was hoping it'd be different for you however.

Next I would totally balme it on the poor suction of the old vaccum. Clearly getting 2 canisters full is just a testament as to how awesome the new vaccuum is!

Third I really hope you post tomorrow since I'm almost out of books and would love some good suggestions!

Oh and I did get a list up last night, don't feel pressed to add it though if you don't want.