22 August 2010

Missing the Internet World

We are finally settled in enough that I can justify spending some time here writing instead of cleaning, unpacking and re-organizing. We managed to get the kids out the door, the stuff packed by the packers, loaded by the loaders, ourselves driven from VA to CT, a trip to IKEA, a ton of cleaning because the house was beyond filthy when we arrived, all the stuff unloaded and unpacked, got the kids back and us all pretty much settled in just under a week. I may never recover, but hey, I can just carry this shock and awe with me until the next round in a few years. On the upside, the house is huge, the back yard is great, there is much garden potential, only two of our items were hopelessly mangled by the movers (have you ever seen sofa folded in half? I pretty much have!) and I have a list a mile long of local stuff to do with the kids. Life is good.

I am also so glad to be getting caught back up with my own blogs and those that I love to read. Everyone appears to have survived BlogHer with limited fuss and there does seem to be lots of good information floating around that I need to look at. The internet appears to have a new cyber-bully who raises the bar on sanctimonious BS to a new level. While I feel terrible for the people he has singled out to bother, the fact that he is such a parody of himself makes me laugh out loud. I suppose every narrative needs an archetype or two… As for me I have some posts about moving, some thoughts on the whole Target thing that I have finally crystallized and some yattering about the new crazy here in our house.

I am looking forward to being back!


Alicen said...

Glad to have you back!! Perhaps even more happy about what you being back actually means. Good for you guys for surviving the move and enjoy your nice, new, HUGE house!! Big houses are awesome!

Ginger said...

Yay, you're back! You survived the move and everything :-)

Heidi Maxwell said...

A big WOOT!

And you need to PM me about said sanctimonious hole. I love to read the dramas when I'm up late at night insomniacking it.