10 August 2010

Where to begin..

There is so much I want to blog about, but really, my time has other obligations right now!  I want to discuss:
  • The Target thing and the issue that we really should be discussing
  • How ridiculously proud of Chris I am right now, he finished his MEM and did an amazing job during this shore duty to do work that actually changed policy/practice.
  • A blissful farewell to my time here in VA, the good, the bad and the positively hilarious.
  • A comical discussion of why we are giving up on "time-outs" and how my kids is a hellion.  A cute one, but one none the less.
  • The current debate over cutting DOD spending, why it is such a good idea and the socio-political changes these ideas represent.
Sadly all of this will be on hold for a while.   I put my kids on a plane with my Mum tomorrow, packers come Thursday, Friday my entire life gets loaded on a truck and by this time next week I will be established in a our new life.  Blogging will be taking a back seat.

I am not doing FYMF this week, though if anyone does it anyway, let me know and I will do a shout out when I get back.  I look forward to all of this being done so I can spend more time, blogging, reading and relaxing!

Last thing:  We get to stay in CT!  Detailer called Saturday night, we got our number one pick for sea duty and we can enjoy the the next 3.5 years in one place, close-ish to "home" and enjoy the closest thing to stability this lifestyle allows.  And just like that, all the grievances of this military life are forgiven and we can keep living our lives.  Happy, healthy and ready for the next adventure.


Ginger said...

Good luck with the move and all! Some of us (cough me cough) will be waiting for your glorious return to the internet once you're all settled!

Alicen said...

I am happy to hear you get to stay in CT, mainly because I know it's what you wanted and a little (ok maybe a lot) because we get to hang out when we are there too! The $1.99 fabric store better watch out!!

Wishing for smooth sailing and will be looking forward to hearing from you once you settle in.